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Dentistry Preference question

Discussion in 'Dentistry Entrance' started by Dnnysn, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Dnnysn

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    Hi gang, just a quick question, If I put UQ as 1st pref and Griffith as second Preference, but hypothetically don't get the UMAT cutoff, would it be the same as putting Griffith as first preference?
  2. A1

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    UWA MD minus-III
    I have not followed Dent admissions much to know. According to QTAC, if their offers are released in the same round/date put them 1-2 as you wish - if you are successful you will get either 1 or 2 in that order.

    How to order/change your preferences - QTAC

    It's slightly different if their offers come out in different rounds. If say the earlier one is your 2nd pref, putting it 2 means you won't know whether you've got it on the release date (since it's pending your 1st pref). In this case always put the earlier one first, if you get an offer accept it then move it to a lower pref, promote the other one to first wait for its release date.

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