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    Welcome to the assignments subforum!

    The assignments subforum is a new addition to MSO and hopes to provide assistance to students either currently studying medicine/dentistry or still in highschool and hoping to get an offer. It is important that you understand that this is not a forum where other students will complete your work for you, rather it is a place where you can get feedback or guidance to help improve on the work you have already done.

    When submitting a piece of work for feedback or guidance we ask a few things:
    1. Include either the criteria sheet or a direct copy of the question in mind - assignment topics are often similar throughout universities and highschool but usually have a specific goal, without knowing that goal our guidance may be incorrect.
    2. Post the attempts you have made and what you are having trouble with - attachments have been enabled for all users in this subforum with this in mind, the preferred format being word documents.
    3. Highlight the due date for your assignment or draft.
    4. Be clear about the level of feedback you want - if you want someone to check for grammatical errors, help with sentence structure or readability this is vastly different from asking for someone to critique your thesis. If you are not clear you may get too little or too much feedback.
    Initially, replying to posts with assessment feedback will be limited to certain members who have volunteered their time. This is primarily because too much feedback from multiple sources can be overwhelming and that we want to ensure that the feedback is coming from a source with prior experience in the topic. This will likely be changed in the future for easier accessibility but in the meantime if you wish to be a part of this team then PM me and we can discuss it further.
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