What papers should I do at UoA for Grad-Entry Med?

Discussion in 'Graduate Category' started by acbard9, Dec 26, 2016.

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    (Offtopic) but tbf, I posted on a couple different threads with the same information. Sorry! I'll remember for next time.
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    Im sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I understand that sometimes it is very tempting to prioritize grades over health, but hopefully that pattern doesn't continue for too long. I remember taking stats 301 which wasn't difficult to get good grades at all, so no all stats are hard papers, its just about being wise with which one you choose.
    There will be a lot of people applying for med from postgrad, but dont let that stop you from giving it your best! The GPA requirement for honours in biomedical science is usually about 6.0+ and for a scholarship it would be 8.0+ you will receive a conditional offer at the end of year 2 if you are eligible in terms of GPA usually.

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