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  1. tomw84

    Dental Info!

    Decent reference if going by oral+dental therapeutic guidelines with an algorithmic approach, not all areas fully up to date, eg sedation (which should be correctly termed 'anxiolysis', sedation being another thing altogether clinically and medicolegally); ABs for perio Great UI, quite...
  2. tomw84

    Future of Dentistry

    The oversupply is well established but the array of effects are only now being realised. Most stats on the issue come from professional associations and they indicate the following: - fewer new grads working full time - more new grads and junior dentists working multiple part time roles -...
  3. tomw84

    Attn Dentistry students: Handwriting/hand grip question

    Im left handed too and write with a pretty weird grip. Had no worries with dexterity and I never saw anything to make me believe that writing with an 'appropriate' pen-grip conferred any advantage in terms of using the dental handpiece. Yes a pen grip is used, but its a completely different...
  4. tomw84

    Dental Loupe Reviews!

    I couldn't agree more. Don't waste your money on anything lower than 3.5x - when you're prepping post spaces and doing endo on upper 6's etc, you'll be happy you got it.
  5. tomw84

    Attempting another degree for dentistry.

    5.35 is obviously not competitive for grad entry as you know and will likely preclude any non-standard entry. For graduate dental courses, they calculate GPA based on most recent completed degree, regardless of whether there was a previous degree on the transcript. You may want to consider...
  6. tomw84

    previous degree requirements of graduate entry of dentistry

    The graduate dental schools all have a 10 year rule for previous degrees. Melbourne has pre-requisites. Most of the undergraduate courses have science prerequisites.
  7. tomw84

    Clinical hours in your university & No of patients per week/procedures

    We dont really have any formal arrangements for assistants. If you dont have a patient you tend to assist. Otherwise we rely on the employed DA's, but they are usually around 1-2 per 10+ students, so only get them for 10mins at a time. Sometimes 3rd + 4th years get students from other year...
  8. tomw84

    Ways to improve manual dexterity and co-ordination

    This exercise, which I am a big proponent of, has a lot of potential for upgrading. For instance, tracing 2D mazes using only a dental hand mirror is excellent for gross motor and hand-eye coordination in indirect vision. You can bump the difficulty up by drawing a '3D' maze on a mounted ping...
  9. tomw84

    Schedule of treatment fees for your universities dental treatment.

    At the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital, treatment by students is free and treatment by specialist services units costs a maximum of $316 for single course of care. However, this is only available to people with a current health care card and naturally, waiting lists apply. There is a...
  10. tomw84

    Overwhelmed by the work of dentists.

    Defined somewhat, but with some exceptions and many qualifiers as I understand it. It's not straightforward because general dentistry is broad and not tightly regulated by the Medicare/PBS schedule the way medicine is. There's a lot of gray in the area of implants and bone modelling, elective...
  11. tomw84

    UMelb Government Study Assist Loans

    As I said above, the Start Up Scholarship is only payable to students on Centrelink payments who are studying a higher education course at associate degree level or higher. As far as I'm aware, there are no other government backed loan schemes for course materials. I would consider looking at...
  12. tomw84

    UMelb Government Study Assist Loans

    As far as I'm aware, you are referring to the range of tuition loans offered by the government - which include HECS-HELP for CSPs, FEE-HELP for FFPs, SA-HELP, OS-HELP and VET FEE-HELP. These all come under the "Study Assist" banner. http://studyassist.gov.au/sites/studyassist/helppayingmyfees...
  13. tomw84

    [Grad] Changes to Monash Med Program 2017

    I'm not sure this move puts significantly more dollars in their pockets - the places havent changed dramatically and there's no full fee places. It seems to be a prestige move - more designed to raise their VTAC profile.
  14. tomw84

    [Grad] Changes to Monash Med Program 2017

    Personally I think it's a pretty well justified admissions process and pretty clever too. Getting rid of GAMSAT is a good move as is putting out offers at the end of 2nd year for the biomed students. It's a very attractive option for a large chunk of the top talent who have the grad med...
  15. tomw84

    Dental workforce report - dental tsunami?

    ^agreed. Numbers are so few and the demand is increasing. The only downward trend of any significance is where it appears more general dentists are taking on cases they would typically be referred on, but overall - IMO - this would have limited effect on the bottom line of most specialties.
  16. tomw84

    Dental workforce report - dental tsunami?

    In terms of asking questions of anyone in a relevant position of authority, it is an easily-dodged question due the fact that the State vs Federal responsibility for dental health care is even more ambiguous than medical health care. Even if you were able to pin down some kind of proper...
  17. tomw84

    Dental Student Clinic Epic Fails!

    Ok so it didn't result in a mistake per se - just an embarrassing brain-snap, but last week I was planning my approach to a removal of a large 47 MO amalgam restoration in order to temporise with IRM and ortho band (dx pulpitis secondary to mesidistal crack to be assessed by endo). I kid you not...
  18. tomw84

    Schedule of treatment fees for your universities dental treatment.

    I still can't believe these patients have to pay for student-delivered care. *shakes head* Clearly I took for granted the complete fee-exemption for DHSV patients treated by UoM dental students (this includes fix pros, rem pros etc)!
  19. tomw84

    Extracted Teeth for Endodntics programme

    I've heard this advice too, but never seen it work in action. If you're lost with a radiograph in front of you, it seems to me much of the time taking another after some tooth structure has been removed has more of a placebo effect on confidence rather than conferring new information. In my...
  20. tomw84

    Extracted Teeth for Endodntics programme

    Well that changes things a bit! If the initial radiograph was diagnostic quality and you can visualise the CEJ, then taking another part way through access is not going to help you, yes?