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  1. l2009

    Does the University of choice affect your employment prospects?

    For the most part, no difference. However, there will be some employers who may prefer to hire a graduate from one of the sandstone universities.
  2. l2009

    Australian dental degree. Where is it recognised?

    Canada - but you have to sit and pass the Canadian dental board exam to be able to register as a dentist. Singapore - as far as I know, only if you graduated from UAdel, UMelb, UQ, USyd or UWA. Don't know the finer details; probably available somewhere online.
  3. l2009

    After the first part of the Griffith Dent Degree.....

    Typically only a few people fail 3rd year.
  4. l2009

    Why do you want to be a dentist?

    Did it because my parents suggested it. I wasn't really bothered by what I studied, so I went for it. Happy to say that I enjoy my work. Lucky me! I really feel like your techie background will be a great advantage. It also makes things a hell of a lot easier during dent school when you have to...
  5. l2009

    Should I try to get into dentistry

    Well, you're always working with at least a couple of nurses and someone at front desk, so you don't really get lonely haha. With regards to how relaxing it is, it really depends on your work environment. If you're constantly seeing patients and being pushed to see several of them every hour...
  6. l2009

    How difficult is dentistry?

    I would not be too worried about not coming from a science background. You only need to know the basic principles and anyone with reasonable intelligence or work ethic can learn these. There is definitely no need to apply complex chemistry equations haha. Dentistry has lots of rote learning...
  7. l2009

    Should I try to get into dentistry

    It's a bit of a difficult question to answer. Anyone at any age can become a dentist. There were a handful of people from my year who were into their 30's. But I understand at that age, things are different to a 18yo kid wanting to get into dentistry. I don't know what your personal...
  8. l2009

    Questions for Griffith Uni Dent students!

    Saying you make $100,000 a year doesn't mean you can save anywhere near that much per year. i.e. income tax (this takes a huge chunk out of your pay), repayment of uni debt, rent, groceries, water, electricity, phone, internet, car insurance, car registration, car maintainence, petrol, dentist...
  9. l2009

    Questions for Griffith Uni Dent students!

    Yeah, it has to be paid upfront. If you can't afford it, you have to take a government loan (Fee Help). Because it's a loan for a postgraduate degree (technically speaking, that's what the last two years of the degree are), there is no interest. I'm nowhere near close to paying off my debt ...
  10. l2009

    Questions for Griffith Uni Dent students!

    Yeah, it will probably be a bit more difficult. Doesn't mean you'll fail, it just means you have to put in a little bit more effort in first year because it's mostly basic science subjects. Anything is possible with a good work ethic. Realistically, you'll be paying it off for a pretty long...
  11. l2009

    Griffith's Graduate Diploma of Dentistry - CSP or Full-Fees?

    I don't think you can get a CSP in the Grad Dip of Dentistry - it's just full-fee position (although you can take out a interest-free government loan if you're a domestic student). So yeh ... fun-times uni debt.
  12. l2009

    What's it like being a dental student?

    Well, you'll be pretty busy during the 5 years you're studying ... but once you're working, it's very possible to have a good work/life balance. If you like interacting with people and like hands-on work ... then it's definitely worth trying for.
  13. l2009

    What's it like being a dental student?

    I get that question at least once every few days. It's just a job (at least for me it is). There are plenty of jobs out there that I wouldn't be able to do, but people do it anyway for whatever reason. If your posture is good, you shouldn't have any problems at all. Unfortunately, a lot of...
  14. l2009

    3 and 4 year fees

    Taken from the website ... "Students who wish to delay entry into the Graduate Diploma may do so for no more than one year. Students who delay entry cannot be guaranteed a place in the Graduate Diploma of Dentistry. Entry will be subject to available dental operatories (dental chairs) and to...
  15. l2009

    Negative portrayal of dentists in media

    I don't really feel that the portrayal of dentists in those films you mentioned really contribute too negatively to the image of dentists. They're quite tongue-in-cheek and someone would be seriously taking it at face value to become scared of dentists because of it. I believe a lot of the...
  16. l2009

    Develop interview skills for med school by applying for physio,pharmacy, Optometry

    By accepting an interview offer, it means that there was a person who didn't get offered an interview. Someone who may have been serious about the program, performed well and offered a spot in the program.
  17. l2009

    Overwhelmed by the work of dentists.

    I'm not entirely sure about this. Yes, although you'd probably get general dentists who are good at minor oral surgery doing it as well. Lol, foodwishes is awesome! I've cooked a few things from that channel and it's also entertaining to watch :D
  18. l2009

    Overwhelmed by the work of dentists.

    If you didn't inform the patient that there was the risk of the pulp being exposed and you do so whether by accident or whether it was inevitable (decay gone too far), then ethically speaking you should compensate them for the root canal. If you did inform them of the risk and they are okay with...
  19. l2009

    Overwhelmed by the work of dentists.

    It's VERY unrealistic to be looking at implants and sinus lifts as a early year dental student. You'd need extra training after uni to be comfortable with implants. Sinus lifts are a specialist procedure, so it's not something a general dentist would ever worry about. As miss_universe said...
  20. l2009

    QLD health contracts with QLD Dental Universities.

    My year was probably the luckiest because before I got to 4th year, patients had to pay the lab fees for cr-co partials. It's only around $250 but it was still an issue for QH patients. So we all started drowning in removable pros, lol. So we basically had a reasonable time getting all our quota...