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  1. Dayvit

    JCU dentistry 2014 international offers

    DrSim123 with such a large input in the mso community, I'm sure I'd love to meet you one day :D
  2. Dayvit

    JCU dentistry 2014 international offers

    I'd also recommend staying in smithfield if not then nearby. The city is around 20 mins away from the uni
  3. Dayvit

    Advice needed: JCU dentistry application written component

    Try answering honestly without being too over the top. The thing is it's difficult to recommend any specific tips since it's an application that displays YOUR interest and potential. Good luck :)
  4. Dayvit

    JCU Average age of students at JCU??

    Hi ellie I'd estimate that our year level is at least 2/3 school leavers while the rest are over 22ish. I honestly don't think it has a huge impact on the individual though. By the way, this is the dentistry forum for JCU. :)
  5. Dayvit

    Chances of acceptance

    Hello there, Yes it would be ideal for a GPA of 5.75+ but keep in mind that the application is going to be more heavily weighted than your academic ability as there is no interview for domestic entry students.
  6. Dayvit

    questions about Cairns

    mm i guess you could say that too. but I'm saying that since you have dinner in the dining hall at the lodge every night, it's much easier to be "social". of course the beaches is basically right next to it too haha looking to forward to meeting you :D
  7. Dayvit

    questions about Cairns

    I second that onytae. If you can, pick the second courtyard because you can actually study. I'd recommend living in the student lodge for at least the first few weeks cos its quite a social environment to get to know new people and if you're comfortable, you can make the decision to move out...
  8. Dayvit

    JCU dentistry 2014 international offers

    I'm a domestic student but I only had one reference letter. I think it's best if you have 3 reference letters though. The interview is clearly a significant step for the university to physically see what kind of person you are, and how you could be a prospective dental student, is it not?
  9. Dayvit

    questions about Cairns

    The beaches apartments are about a 7 minute walk to uni so you can get by without a car etc. There is smithfield shopping centre down the highway (about 2.5km away and two bus stops away). We don't have wal-mart here but you'll quickly find the stores you need (coles, woolworths for groceries +...
  10. Dayvit

    JCU dentistry 2014 international offers

    I've never studied at multiple dental schools in Australia so I can't comment on that sorry :/ I'm not sure how the school fees work with international students too. It is about $150 a week at he beaches and it is VERY nice there. You're looking at around $100 a week for groceries and bills...
  11. Dayvit

    JCU dentistry 2014 international offers

    for international applicants, both med and dent schools require applicants to sit an interview if successful.
  12. Dayvit

    How often does JCU waive prerequisite requirements for dent 2013 for consideration?

    It's likely that your tertiary-standard mathematics unit can satisfy the pre-requisite but I recommend calling the university administration to clarify this. It is definitely not the end of your goal. There are many mature-entry students in the course and you can always apply next year! :)
  13. Dayvit

    JCU Dentistry help

    Hello and welcome! I'm currently a first year dental student at JCU and I'm enjoying it very much. I got an OP 2 and I'm non rural. MELBOURNE WOO!!! Anyway, you're looking for an ATAR of 98+ for a competitive score if you're non-rural like myself. Keep up the hard work! Many people applying...
  14. Dayvit

    JCU Entrance to dentistry for non school leavers

    No they did not call me up. I know that they called international students in july for obvious reasons. I was notified of my offer in mid jan through QTAC, just like other QTAC applicants. Also, the gpa of 5.75 was from a student who had studied Bach of Oral Health and is working part time as a...
  15. Dayvit

    JCU Entrance to dentistry for non school leavers

    there are students who got in with a gpa of 5.75 (non-rural), but keep in mind that your application is heavily weighted too, since there is no interview for the dental school at jcu at the moment
  16. Dayvit

    JCU JCU Dentistry Rollcall 2013

    hey just wondering, is there a dent camp for jcu first years?
  17. Dayvit

    JCU JCU Orientation Week 2013

    WOO! either is fine :D thanks for the heads up
  18. Dayvit


    Hands down I'd pick JCU. Unless you can whip out 120k in the span of your last 2 years of dent, JCU is probably a better choice.
  19. Dayvit

    Hi there!

    Welcome to MSO mate :D
  20. Dayvit

    What is the ATAR needed for JCU Dentistry?

    An atar of above 98 is a competitive score for jcu I belive. Keep in mind that your application is heavily weighted. Good luck to any aspiring JCU dent students :)