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    ADSA wants you!

    Woooo, GO 'leish~~~
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    UMAT Section 2 Prep Discussion

    Section 2 is always the most difficult to improve so you must have patience. Having an understanding of the vocabulary used can be helpful, meaning you should really understand what the words (mostly in the answers) mean, as they have slight differences which is what they are testing. Another...
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    [Grad] Clinical pharmacy student, wants to study medicine

    There are a few grad entry programs around Australia. Have a look at our guides here on MSO for all the requirements for the different universities :)
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    What subjects do you think i should take in year 11 & 12

    It can be difficult to choose subjects, as you need to balance subjects that you need to apply for medicine, and subjects you will do well in. A few pointers: 1) Year 11 subjects are essentially stepping stones for year 12 subjects. Some disciplines you will need the year 11 subject in order to...
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    Not sure, I dont have the same problem. Is this on a tablet or computer?
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    Clinical hours in your university & No of patients per week/procedures

    University of adelaide: 3rd year: 6 hours a week in clinic as operator. Starting off as 2 pts a week but changes to 4 a week; exams, s/C, restorative work (ie simple cons) 4th year: 24 hours over 2 weeks as an operator, sigh an extra 3 hours as an assistant for someone else and we also do x3...
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    World Cup 2014

    Yeah, I stand corrected in my prediction. Glad Messi will play in a WC final, though i still think Germany will win 2-0
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    World Cup 2014

    Love the World Cup every time. Though it's funny as a regular football watcher and avid club supporter how you wish some players perform really badly (or realllllly well) to get a better transfer price. My teams at the beginning were as follows: Belgium Japan S. Korea Germany (Australia) <- in...
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    MSO Abroad!

    Hello guys! I thought it might be fun if we shared some of the interesting things we do with our lives as we study! For example, I have recently completed a rotation at the Noarlunga GP+ superclinic, and I wanted to share it with this awesome forum: ​ I hope anyone reading will share where they...
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    Questions about Dentistry Non-standard Entry

    Thanks froot. If you are a non standard application out of your first degree (ie 1st year out of high school but studying something at uni), they may consider both. If you have completed a degree or in the latter stages of a degree, they may consider GPA only :)
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    Going into dentistry - Yes or No ?!?

    Brooklyn 99 indeed? A fan?
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    Going into dentistry - Yes or No ?!?

    They need people to work rurally, so if you are willing, I dont think finding a job will be as strenuous as city-bound folk will find it!
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    Pre-Clinical Medicine...the right career for me?

    That was the biggest wtf moment Ive had ina while, but hey, great kudos to her! That was pretty awesome
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    how much maths is in the dentistry course

    To get into dentistry, there may be a requirement, ie each uni is different, so you would have to look up to the unis you plan on applying for to see if its needed. Once you are in dentistry, there not much math at all. Finally, I struggled a little with maths to begin with as well, but 2 years...
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    Non standard entry

    It's the other way around. The MBBS requirements for non standard entry is people who are currently studying at Adelaide (and without a having a degree prior); No other unis unfortunately. The BDS lets student from every uni apply! (No higher UMAT cut off)
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    Please help: what do we need??

    Unfortunately I am at a placement in Noarlunga so it would be too difficult for me to set up a meet up during the week. I will be at Freshers BBQ though!
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    Please help: what do we need??

    You don't need one to start the course as I am aware (I'm pretty sure I didn't). They want first aid in 3rd year onwards (and the uni organises a course for you anyway). For the labs, you will need a white long sleeve lab coat and safety glasses that at least cover around the side of your eyes...
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    Please help: what do we need??

    Welcome to MSO and congrats on Adelaide BDS! Textbooks - you'll get a list, but the general advice is, don't buy any until you start using them (eg borrow from library first) and if you find that you use it a lot, buy it then. The Adelaide University Dental Student Society (AUDSS) also does a...
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    Hi and welcome to MSO!
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    Welcome to MSO!