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    JCU JCU Dentistry Rollcall 2013

    atar of 88.40
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    JCU JCU Dentistry Rollcall 2013

    just got offered for 2013 entry - hope to meet some of you guys soon!
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    Medical Science U Sydney or UNSW?

    Also keep in mind UNSW gives bonus ATAR points, whereas USYD does not
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    CSU Interview Offers for 2013 Entry

    inspired. FUUUAAARRKKK B. biomedicine + d. dental surgery COME AT ME!!!!
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    Does anyone really get into Dentistry not because of the money?

    ^agreed, there are heaps of different professions that make HEAPS more money than dentist, i.e. mining engineers
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    A place to stay that's near CSU.

    First focus on getting into CSU, then worry about where to stay
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    Otago halls of residence

    What is the cost of living in Otago?
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    Otago HSFY chat - archive

    How do i email them my Final atar by the 10th of december... when the atar comes out on the 19th? I cant be bothered searching through 101 pages... but what is the ATAR cutoff + umat cutoff for HSFY?
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    UMAT 2012 thread.

    Dargh. lets pray that umat comes out tomorrow...
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    UMAT 2012 thread.

    wait... don't they take your MOST RECENT umat result? so technically you don't have 2011 to fall on... unless you dont put your 2012 result on the application form
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    UMAT 2012 thread.

    out of 300- what was 86th percentile equivalent to?
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    Hey kiddos, JCU dent vs. Griffith dent PROS + CONS
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    When are CSU Dent Interviews?

    Tony, you silly goose. - from CSU dentistry instructions page: "Interviews Applicants selected for interview will be notified by the beginning of November. (Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified) Face to face interviews will be conducted at the CSU Orange campus for late November 2012...
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    [Undergrad] JCU Med and Dent

    It says on the instructions to tick the courses you're applying for: so no you don't fill out 2 applications
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    [Undergrad] Will MBBS undergraduate degrees still be available after 2015?

    You shouldn't worry about the future, it's out of your control in they choose or choose not to phase out undergraduate Medicine Just stay focused on school, do some UMAT exercises etc.