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  1. Benjamin

    Counselling/Mental Illness

    Being diagnosed with depression during medical school and seeking help for it would be far less detrimental than having untreated depression that you aren't coping with. As has been mentioned by MD & Rustyedges there are mandatory notification rules which often present a barrier to seeking help...
  2. Benjamin

    Deferring Internship

    I would strongly recommend against taking a gap year between finishing & internship for a number of reasons, chief among them being if you defer your internship then you are no longer considered a category 1 applicant in most states & may struggle to get a job. QLD requires that you demonstrate...
  3. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Missed this question & the lead-up, sorry - has been a busy fortnight. It's very difficult to say & your highschool grades certainly won't give you a good predictor of how you'll do. I know a lot of people who did fairly well in high school (ATAR 99+) and then subsequently got into medical...
  4. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Thread has been further updated to include alexlipton experience of writing their application, preparing for the interview & the interview itself. Massive thanks for the further information.
  5. Benjamin

    Days in the life of an intern/resident/registrar

    Residency & 2019 It's been a while since I updated this, and I guess it's probably about time! Apologies for it falling off my list of priorities ... it was a little hard to keep up with in the latter part of my intern year & I kind of forgot it existed for the entirety of my resident year. A...
  6. Benjamin

    JCU JCU Medicine 2019 Discussion

    Woops, posted the link incorrectly. Try again. Marieb & Guyton are going to be texts that you will definitely use over the years so there is no harm in buying those ahead of time. I would hold off buying the other texts until you see what the resale options are / if you can get them second hand.
  7. Benjamin

    JCU JCU Medicine 2019 Discussion

    Not specifically tailored to JCU but rather a look at the textbooks I have used and my thoughts on them (having come through JCU) is here: Textbooks & Resources in Medical School | Some tips specifically for JCU: - Guyton will be your physiology text for the majority of your degree. At some...
  8. Benjamin

    Possibility of Interstate Internship/Residency?

    This is a bit of a hard question to answer as it depends on a lot of different things which aren't exactly predictable. The best I can do (in short) is to give you a run-down of the current process as of 2018-19 which is very likely to change in the coming years. At the moment you are only...
  9. Benjamin

    JCU Halls

    All of the colleges have vegetarian food available. Realistically, college food is in general pretty crappy & this occurs even moreso with the cheaper colleges (Uni Hall etc). Throughout my years there I don't think I saw a nice vegetarian meal - often they were fairly simple & repetitive...
  10. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    REMINDER TO PLEASE SEND ME YOUR INTERVIEW EXPERIENCES VIA PM! The majority of information from this thread has come from people submitting their previous experiences over the years and my hope is that I can keep adding to it. It has however become increasingly difficult each year as I move...
  11. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Townsville is hot. Do not wear a suit. Standard male dress is fairly straight-forward: dark slacks and a well ironed button up long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up will be just fine. If you feel you want to be more formal then you can wear a tie or keep the sleeves down but honestly...
  12. Benjamin

    The Realities of Studying and Practicing Medicine

    I can give my perspective on being a junior doctor, hopefully others can add in as well. I think I've written a few of these but I'm always happy to write more. My day-to-day life varies greatly depending on what term I am on. As a junior doctor (PGY1 - PGY3) it is typical that you will rotate...
  13. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Have updated the initial post with additional questions and a further reflection. The questions I have added under the 2017 header are new questions that were not explicitly mentioned in the initial write-up, however they continue to reflect the same themes as I originally had posted. The...
  14. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    I'm currently flying back from Namibia so have got (very) sparse internet. I have a few PM's from people who shared their interview experiences last year with me. I will update it in the next 48 hours - on a plane for the next 16 and then back at work shortly after so won't be able to get to...
  15. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Put it this way, if you interview at JCU and say "rural medicine sucks, why would I ever want to go anywhere other than a capital city" then you are not going to get a spot. Somewhere between that response and "rural medicine is the best thing ever all I want to do is set up a practice in Boulia...
  16. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Two things here: 1. There seems to be some idea (despite mine & A1's post) that people from the 1st round are more likely to get offers than those in the second round, there is no reason to think this is the case. Both the first & second round interview invites are pooled after the interviews &...
  17. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    You're partly correct, there are undoubtedly people that will get a first round interview offer based on their predicted ATAR that should not have gotten offers. This is usually due to poor prediction or the candidate under-performing in the latter part of the year but as you've pointed out...
  18. Benjamin

    JCU Written Application General Questions

    I haven't heard of people's referees actually being contacted in the past, though I expect this might happen in a few specific circumstances: - The referee is someone high profile but not directly known to the college, e.g. board member of a college - The referee report is a bit too good or a...
  19. Benjamin

    [Undergrad] To what extent does the uni you go to affect your career prospects?

    In a similar vein, it is relatively easier to remain within the same state that you trained in on graduation & so the state you train in is likely to influence at least the start of your career - e.g. if you train in QLD the odds are that you'll be there for at least a few years before moving to...
  20. Benjamin

    JCU Interview and General Question Thread for JCU

    Remember that successful applicants have done so by adhering to the rules set out in the application & that more words does not necessarily equate to a better application. I would suggest typing out of your responses in full length, printing it & then turning them into dot-points with as few key...