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  1. Hutcherson

    Dentistry Career Prospects

    Hi Kinetica Really depends where you want to work long term. Finding a full-time job in a regional or rural area isn't an issue. Metro wise you might be looking at two part time jobs depending on the city however most of my friends seems to have full time jobs including myself. Also keep in...
  2. Hutcherson

    Dental Tech Content of BDS

    Addy Laid Hi Addy, in dental school you will learn the lab component and it is something that you are required to do as a student to understand the foundations however when you graduate, most of this work is done by your technician, however you can make adjustments as needed chair side when you...
  3. Hutcherson

    Dental FAQ/AMA

    For the person who actually asked this, not you @pi OMFS are not the only registered health professionals that can take wisdom teeth out. A general dentist takes wisdom teeth out both simply and surgically. Many general dentists are trained to do so and will refer to an OS (Oral Surgeon) or...
  4. Hutcherson

    CSU dental science subject outlines and timetable

    Not sure if it has changed since I graduated but if you did the subjects at another university you will not get an credit transfer. Credit transfer is for subjects only done at CSU. I would double check this with the dental faculty.
  5. Hutcherson

    anyone got into Griffith Dent in 2015 or 2014 with GPA lower than 7.0?

    My friend got in with a 6.75 It will really depend on the competition.
  6. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    Then second offers will be released at the next possible offer round.
  7. Hutcherson

    CSU 2016 Offers Thread

    In the past I know second round offers have been made until end of January or even up to Oweek (happened one year with a student)! So it won't necessarily be this round offer but there may be people declining in mid Jan if they get into another dental or medical course which they have as a...
  8. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    I'm curious, if CSU dentistry is the only undergrad course in NSW, what are applicants putting as their first preference if its not dentistry? medicine?
  9. Hutcherson

    CSU Dentistry Offers 2016

    I would put it as your first preference to be safe unless there is another course you have priority over.
  10. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    Yes if applicants decline their offer for another university.
  11. Hutcherson

    JCU James Cook University Dentistry 2014

    There isn't a minimum ATAR because your written application will play an important role. Your ATAR is high so I wouldn't worry about that :)
  12. Hutcherson

    B Dental Surgery In University of Adelaide? ( Undergraduate )

    Keep in mind Adelaide is still an undergraduate degree while this seems to be phasing out over time. USYD, UWA and UMEL are all postgraduate now meaning you need to finish a degree and sit GAMSAT. CSU, JCU, UQ and Griffith are still undergraduate programs :) Good luck!
  13. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    Hi @Hopeful16, that is a very good question and you will need to contact CSU for this. In previous years offers were made via email. Since it is done through UAC, I am unsure how the preference list may affect notifying applicants especially with the different round dates.
  14. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    A message for those that don't get an offer. Firstly its okay. Yes you will be disappointed but its important to remind yourself that reaching the interview stage is an achievement itself. From 1,000 applicants to 100 interviews, that is amazing! For someone like myself who did a year of...
  15. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    I believe in previous years internal students were notified earlier but I am unsure of the process now as things have changed over the five years. New management, new computer systems etc
  16. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    It appears this has changed for this year, as new online systems seem to be in place. CSU use to inform applicants by email that they will receive an early offer through UAC in Jan. I think there is a new system which notifies students earlier through UAC instead now. Except for internal...
  17. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    Congratulations to anyone who has received an offer through UAC! :)
  18. Hutcherson

    Charles Sturt Dentistry 2016

    I would't rely on previous years as things can change. Early unofficial offers are usually given in December before accepting officially through UAC in Jan. Good luck everyone!
  19. Hutcherson

    JCU dentistry 2016

    JCU Dentistry does not conduct interviews unless it has changed.
  20. Hutcherson

    CSU Dentistry or Griffith University Dentistry?

    CSU does have sporting clubs but I don't think we have volleyball or badminton. This is because we are a small university. You will definitely find time to join a club whether it sports or not :) you will enter clinic beginning of second year and practice on eachother in the first semester then...