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    Pre-Clinical Exam Help - Monash University

    I am a first year student at Monash, Clayton Campus. I am doing well in my assignments but are having difficulties with the exams. Does anyone know of a tutor to assist me with exam prep or can anyone suggest who iI should be seeing to help me with this.
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    Internet Access at Res halls

    Hi, I have an apple computer that does not have an Ethernet port. Do the rooms at Howitt hall have wireless or does anyone know what adaptor I need to hard wire access to Ethernet.
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    Some questions on Halls

    Hi everyone, I have checked the forums and I can't quite find the answers to the following: 1. Do the rooms have their own bar fridges or do we have to buy one; 2. When we have to move out at the end of the year is there storage for fridge etc 3. Can anyone give some insight into essential...
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    [Undergrad] Chance of uq offer

    Hi all, I have an atar of 96.15 and a umat of 81%. I am a rural student. Would I have any chance of receiving an offer at uq.
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    [Undergrad] Rural Student -Monash interview

    Thanks for the responses. I have received an invitation for an interview which I am attending. I was just wondering about the atar and umat results for other rural students attending interviews.
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    UQ bonus rank or points

    Hello, I have been looking at the bonus rank scheme but need some clarification. I received a qtac rank of 92. I am eligible for 4 bonus points. My question is the following. 1. Are the points just added to 92 which makes the rank a 96; or 2. Looking at the conversion table there are only 4...
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    [Undergrad] Rural Student -Monash interview

    Hello, I am a rural student. I have an atar of 93 (without bonus points for extension maths) and scored 81% in the umat. Can I ask what combination of atar/umat other rural students attending Monash interviews received. also what are the chances of me being offered a place at Monash.