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  1. dnzlmeth

    [Undergrad] Uni Admission Centres account resgiter?

    To what I remember, it was early August (a week or two after UMAT)
  2. dnzlmeth

    Hi from NSW!

    Too early to say anything. I was at the bottom of the grade (bottom 20) for the first assessment, but then I tried my best and ended up with ATAR of 98.40, if I were you, don't get to side-tracked with predicted ATARs and that (waste of time, use this time for UMAT) Welcome to MSO
  3. dnzlmeth

    [Grad] Job opportunities for B Medical Science graduates?

    I don't think there are much job opportunities for Med Science graduates (maybe become a biology teacher? - but you will need a diploma in education) But your best bet now is to try your best to transfer into med, if not, try to get into postgrad med.
  4. dnzlmeth

    Biomedicine: future jobs??

    I don't think so, but I personally would go to ones that offer the postgrad studies you want. i.e. You want to do say dentistry, i would go to Melbourne and try my best to get into DDS @ melbourne
  5. dnzlmeth

    UWS Social life + on-campus living

    Leave the front door open in CBD, neighbours will close the door for you. Leave the front door open in inner west Sydney, you will get robbed LEave the front door open in Campbelltown, people will move into your house/abode.
  6. dnzlmeth


    I got into JCU and what I have gathered, is that the course is pretty damn cheap (I think we get free equipment? and I only owe the government 8.8K a year)
  7. dnzlmeth

    [Undergrad] Pros and Cons of each Uni

    Well first get a 99.95 HAHAHA - easy said then done But for me I would put: 1) UWS - I live close to the university 2) UNSW - travel takes 1 and a half hour one way 3) JMP - i will have to move out 4) USYD - 7 years :/ But yeah, prepare to move interstate/out for medicine as it is one of the...
  8. dnzlmeth

    what the chance I can getting into UQ dentistry

    That is interesting :huh: - their website is giving me misleading information, nevertheless JCU>Latrobe (yy)
  9. dnzlmeth

    what the chance I can getting into UQ dentistry

    ill ask her, and get back to you
  10. dnzlmeth

    what the chance I can getting into UQ dentistry

    started in 2012 (2nd year this year)
  11. dnzlmeth

    what the chance I can getting into UQ dentistry

    But i have a family friend who got in /is currently doing dentistry at la trobe and she got an ATAR of 98.40 :blink: I just looked it up ATAR cutoff for Latrobe (main round) dentistry was 99.80 :mellow: : maybe took in less this year? because of the over-offering of last year?
  12. dnzlmeth

    what the chance I can getting into UQ dentistry

    To what i remember, Latrobe Dentistry is pretty easy to get in: if you are a year 12 applicant (ATAR CUTOFF WAS 98.40 in 2012, not sure for 2013), however it is ridiculous if you are not. Dentistry - Non Year 12 UMAT requirements
  13. dnzlmeth

    Hello MSO Family ~ !

    Hi and welcome to MSO. My tip: 1) Depending on how much you want to do Medicine - prepare to apply for interstate Universities (a guy in year above me got a 99.25, and UMAT of 89, didn't get any interviews for UNSW or UWS medicine) 2) Manage your time wisely, as UMAT is going to be around the...
  14. dnzlmeth

    Hi Med Students Online

    HI! and congrats!
  15. dnzlmeth

    What to wear to a medical school interview?

    Singlet, board shorts and flipflops!
  16. dnzlmeth

    Hello everyone^^

    Welcome! - and congratulations on ANU MBBS!
  17. dnzlmeth

    Hi there!

    +1 friend granted!! Welcome to MSO
  18. dnzlmeth

    Auckland Applying to other universities?

    Yes you can apply for all the undergraduate med schools in Australia, BUT AS A NON-SCHOOL LEAVER
  19. dnzlmeth

    Dentistry universities by rank

    I don't think it matters, after all once you graduate, and register, you're a dentist! But this gives you a ranking: Top Dental Schools in Australia | World Ranking Guide
  20. dnzlmeth

    Hi everyone! =D

    Congrats! Campbelltown is a dangerous place at night, so you got to hide your kids and hide your wife :ph34r: