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  1. KuroShion

    Adelaide Adelaide Dentistry Information, Questions, Discussion

    Heyo to all that's reading. I kind of got the idea to record this down as a small line of my juniors are waiting for this and I'm on the verge of being turned into a human help desk. So, I figured putting this here could probably inform all those who will be applying in the future too. It seems...
  2. LMG!

    Aus Med and Dent Place Offers 2018 - Collated Data

    I figure, if I add to this as we go, it won't be such a pain to put together at the end. Obviously there's not much 'collated data' yet, but there will be :D Merry Christmas, everyone! 2018 Medicine and Dentistry Offers - Australian Universities James Cook University Medicine 99.75, non-rural...
  3. LMG!

    Med and Dent - 2018 Entry (Offers Only)

    For ease of data collection and review, this thread is for offer information only. Discussion will be moved to: Med and Dent - 2018 Entry (Place Offers and Discussion) Please complete the following template: Course Type: (Med or Dent) Offer Received: (Yes or No) University: UMAT: (%ile rank...
  4. LMG!

    Med and Dent - 2018 Entry (Place Offers and Discussion)

    I have 30 minutes to kill while sitting on the Manly Ferry, so thought I'd get a jump on the 2018 offer threads. Last year, UTAS were first cab off the rank, so to speak, with first round rural and non-standard offers appearing on approximately Nov 29th. There's no guarantee it'll be the same...
  5. R

    GAMSAT 2018 Brisbane study group

    Hi all, does anyone have/want to join to create a study group for 2018? I passed last year but going again to improve, so people to study with to stay motivated would be great! I have an arts background so happy to teach/learn together. I’n Currently north side but flexible about where to meet up.
  6. H

    JCU Medicine 2018 General Discussion

    Hi, Just wanted to say hi and start a discussion for JCU 2018.
  7. LMG!

    UTAS MBBS: Scholarships and Bursaries 2018

    For anyone interested: UTAS Scholarships and Bursaries are now open for application for semester one, 2018. The links to the various lists (not all of them managed by UTAS itself) can be found here: Scholarships & Bursaries - Scholarships and Prizes - University of Tasmania, Australia Some...
  8. LMG!

    UTAS MBBS: Entry Information and Discussion

    Following discussion with several people from UTAS MBBS (and related) administration, we have now been told several times that 2018 entry will be the same as 2017 entry for UTAS. Given this (and given how different 2017 was from previous years, not to mention confusing!) I thought I'd put...
  9. D

    GAMSAT 2018 Study Group

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for either an established group and/or looking to establish a study group for the 2018 GAMSAT in Sydney. I've always found it easier and more efficient to study within a group as resources are shared and we can all keep each other accountable! Let me know if you're...

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