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    General Discussion: Unsuccessful HSFY, What Next?

    Hello Everyone, Just finished first semester of HSFY in Otago, unfortunately for one of my papers I got C+, falling short of the B- (65%) threshold for Dentistry and B (70%) for Medicine (A's in the other papers), thus I am not allowed to apply/wont get accepted into Medicine or Dentistry this...
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    UoA: Optometry

    Hiya, i'm eyeing up optom (currently in biomed UOA) and i was wondering what is the realistic GPA required (from the 6 core courses)? any other tips/tricks/help , especially insight from previous years will be greatly appreciated
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    Looking to pursue medicine as a mature student

    Hi everyone, I'm 32 years old and work in the NZ health sector. I've got a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters of Arts, however, this was completed more than 5 years ago. I know I need to do another Postgraduate Diploma or Masters year to meet the minimum entry requirements. I have a very...
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    How much does your uni academic result matter?

    I've been looking into different specialist training programs and for most of the entry requirements, they seem to give points for achieving awards such as first in class and getting on the dean's list during med school. As I have not received any awards in med school and I am in my final years...
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    UTAS UTAS Medicine: Entry Information and Discussion

    Following discussion with several people from UTAS MBBS (and related) administration, we have now been told several times that 2018 entry will be the same as 2017 entry for UTAS. Given this (and given how different 2017 was from previous years, not to mention confusing!) I thought I'd put...