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    First Year Medical Lab Science - MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY

    Good Morning Crew! I am coming to you from sunny Brisbane, I am in my first term of Med Lab Science. I never completed school or completed much further study so this is all new for me! I have been going pretty well in my online exams.. BUT i am stressing about my end of year exams! I...
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    Otago MBChB - Overview of the Years

    I was looking back over some earlier MBChB threads and came across some comments from recently-accepted med students wanting to know more about ELM2. A few people had said they’d been planning a post of everything-ELM2 but it never came about, so I thought I’d put one together myself. This is...
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    Year 12 Exam Question

    Does anyone think it is okay to use other exam board’s past exams to study for your own exams ? For example, I am doing SACE and am finding it difficult to source SACE past exams WITH answers. On the other hand, I found that HSC exam papers and answers are much more abundant. Do you think it...

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads