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graduate entry

  1. L

    Failed Hsfy papers

    So I happen to not pass all my papers for semester one and I’m not too sure as what I should be doing next semester because I wanna try and get into medicine through the graduate category... if its even possible with my grades. I got accepted into neuroscience for semester two Which I don’t...
  2. P

    General Discussion: Unsuccessful HSFY, What Next?

    Hello Everyone, Just finished first semester of HSFY in Otago, unfortunately for one of my papers I got C+, falling short of the B- (65%) threshold for Dentistry and B (70%) for Medicine (A's in the other papers), thus I am not allowed to apply/wont get accepted into Medicine or Dentistry this...
  3. V

    Graduate Entry from Engineering - First Year Papers

    Hi all, I'm applying for graduate entry after a engineering degree I did at UoA (Civil & Environmental). Now the environmental engineering pathway made us take a whole bunch of papers involving applied organic chemistry and some cellular microbiology. On top of that, in first year engineering...
  4. P

    Post-Graduate Studies to Boost GPA

    Hey guys, would it be better to do a Postgraduate Diploma or a BHSc? Also, if I do the honours does anyone know how long they take to mark the dissertation you do throughout the year?
  5. H

    UTAS entry as a graduate

    Hey guys I’m currently looking at applying into medicine for 2019, (or 2020 if my gpa is bad) and am planning on applying as a student with disabilities (under UTAS at UOA). My gpa for the past two years will hopefully be a 7 or just over. And based on my last time doing umat I’ll probably be...
  6. K

    Nursing as pre-med degree?

    I’m currently on my first semester of university and I’m enrolled in Biomedical Science. I’ve always wanted to become a physician but ended up getting an OP 2 and didnt do too well on my interview so I decided to do biomed because at the time, everyone was telling me that it’s THE pathway to...
  7. Hollyw28

    Graduate Entry Dilemma - Help!

    Hi guys! I am currently in my third and final year of Biomed at Auckland. My first year was totally terrible (finished the year with a GPA of 3) and my second year was still really bad (GPA of 3.8). Terrible, I know. I cruised through the first 2 years of my degree. It wasn't until the middle of...
  8. K

    Graduate entry via Pacific category

    Hi Im currently a 3rd year doing my BSc in Anatomy Minoring in PHSL. My HSFY grades weren't that great infact i failed Chem191, other than that i got a b avg. 2nd year weren't that great either (passed Chem in SS) I did all the anats and Phsls. + Japa131 1st semester i got B avg (A- in Japa...
  9. 9

    Looking to pursue medicine as a mature student

    Hi everyone, I'm 32 years old and work in the NZ health sector. I've got a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters of Arts, however, this was completed more than 5 years ago. I know I need to do another Postgraduate Diploma or Masters year to meet the minimum entry requirements. I have a very...

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