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  1. H

    Graduate Entry Dilemma - Help!

    Hi guys! I am currently in my third and final year of Biomed at Auckland. My first year was totally terrible (finished the year with a GPA of 3) and my second year was still really bad (GPA of 3.8). Terrible, I know. I cruised through the first 2 years of my degree. It wasn't until the middle of...
  2. J

    BSc Graduation - Finishing mid-year

    Hey guys, So I started out doing healthsci in 2015 and transferred to a BSc in 2016 after not getting in. I have been studying full time up until now and have 3 papers to go, which I will complete in semester 1 2018. Reason being that I could only transfer 6/8 applicable papers from Healthsci...
  3. W

    Auckland Review of my Neuroscience Degree + tips

    G’day, MSO has been super helpful over the last few years in terms providing information about papers and courses and I just want to give something back. So I have decided to do a little review of my neuroscience degree and give some information about the papers that I have completed. I will...
  4. M

    Questions about graduate med entry

    Hi! I was wondering about how entry into med works for USYD. I know that in USYD they take anyone from any degree/field depending on gpa, gamsat and an interview. When they say any degree, I wonder if they would accept someone with a nursing degree? Or would they require a degree that has higher...
  5. D

    FFP for Post Grad Med

    Not sure where to put this, but I guess it falls under entrance since if it is full fee than I can't enter lmao. But I read somewhere that most uni's charge full fee for postgraduate degrees whereas it's illegal to charge for undergrad (use hecs yes) because they make more money that way, and I...
  6. acbard9

    [Grad] GEMSAS GPA w/ a gap semester

    If, hypothetically, I take a gap semester in my final year of a 3 year degree (sem 1), and continue my university study (sem 2, and sem 1 of the year after), how do they calculate my "last 3 years of university study?" Will they use: 2016 + 2017 + (combined 2018 + 2019 as a single year), or...
  7. B

    OTAGO to AUCKLAND MED question

    Hello, I am at my final year for my Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree. I was wondering how my GPA will be like for Auckland Medicine. On their website, it says the best 120 points from past two years will be taken account. However getting confused with this table from their website...
  8. Stuart

    Graduate Entry 2017 Chat/Enquiry

    Hello! This thread is for those who will be applying for MBChB at University of Auckland under the Graduate Category for 2018 intake. Come join the chat now and share your experience! If you are new, introduce yourself and tell us where/what your are studying :)
  9. A

    Auckland New Zealander looking for AU Internship

    Hey guys! First of all, thanks for letting me be a part of your community! I was born in Sydney, however, when I was 15 my parents moved to NZ for work, and now I'm studying medicine on The University of Auckland. The issue: After I finish, I was hoping to move back to Sydney for internship...
  10. M

    GPA and UMAT

    Hi everyone. Newbie here! At the start of last year, I realised that graduate entry med was an option for me to pursue. I am in my final year of my bachelor's degree. My degree is based on health research, demographic and health policy, so I thought why not try going clinical! So far I have a...
  11. Y

    Monash BSci to Monash MedSci/MD

    Hi, I'm a planning to study the Bachelor of Science at Monash University in 2017 with the ultimate goal of studying MD at Monash. From what i've read, Monash reserves 25 places in their MD program for people studying the Bachelor of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Science. What scores would I...
  12. S

    2016 Interview questions (Auckland)-medicine

    Hello everyone, im not too sure when the interviews were held for entry into medicine, but if you have done it, could you please post the scenarios and questions they asked you so that those of us wanting to apply for next year will have a good idea of what types of questions they will be...
  13. Y

    Graduate Entry 2017 Chat/Enquiry

    Hi guys I saw there was a similar thread but only for UoA GPA just wondering if anyone new what the Otago one would be around? Or what the minimum GPA would be for an offer? I have been told that last year it was 8.01 (A)...
  14. Grape

    Should I just give up?

    Hi all, It's great to see so many people doing well in UMAT! :) But it also sucks for people like me who don't do so well :( I have done UMAT for the past THREE years now! And each time my scores and percentile have been basically the same. This year my results were: percentile: 0-20 (about...
  15. Grape

    30 point papers!

    Hi all! I'm currently studying a BHsc at Canterbury (it is non-clinical). just realised that two of my third-year papers are 30 points! How will these subject work for calculating GPA- is it just counted as two 15 point papers? Has anyone taken 30 point papers?
  16. F

    Mature Student Medicine Entry Questions

    I'm a 24 year old New Zealander who has completed a first-class Bachelor of Arts degree in London- so internationally. Before moving to London I started part of a degree in Wellington at Victoria Unviersity so this won't be my first foray into tertiary education within NZ... I'm pretty sure this...
  17. DrFlower

    Otago Vs Auckland Medicine- Where should I GO?

    Otago Vs Auckland: Here are some tips on where to look forward to studying Med depending on your strengths an weaknesses. Let me know if you don’t agree and of any clarifications. Ask these questions and see what your choice is- I know there are many factors that influence the choice on where...
  18. C

    Entry into Bond as a postgraduate.

    Hi everyone, I've really had a search around and I'm struggling to find much information on Bond university, especially as I will be applying as a postgraduate student. I see that the minimum GPA they require is 6, but I'm assuming they require much higher - does anyone have any ideas about...
  19. I

    Otago Math/Stat paper recommendations please

    Hey guys :) I'm a bbmedsci majoring in functional human body thriving into 3rd year in 2016! I was considering taking a lot of math/stat 200 level papers ( as I am *relatively* confident in them ) to boost up my GPA!! I am hoping to get into Medicine :) Any recommendations and advices for...
  20. A

    2017 Monash Graduate Entry

    Hey, Had my interview early September. Just wondering if anyone had heard anything from Monash yet? Cheers! Ps. sorry about the date typo

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