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  1. L

    Medical School Complaints Options

    Currently studying in a sh*t uni as a med student, various things of how the school deals with assessments and marking guidelines as greatly affected me (and many many other people I know in the school). Complaining about it to the school or giving feedback in their face-to-face...
  2. D

    General Interview Discussion and Questions 2020 Entry

    What do I need to know about indigenous people of Australia for my MMI interview, specifically with the University of Monash! Please help!
  3. A

    [Grad] GPA woes

    Hey Guys ! So here is the run down of my questions(s). Basically putting my marks into Gemsas i come up with a weighted GPA of 6.34 and Unweighted of 6.01. To my understanding these are not very competitive i was hoping of doing some further studies next year as i am in my last year and was...
  4. K

    GAMSAT Advice Requests

    I am about to finish my undergrad. course and I am motivated and inspired to take the GAMSAT course next year with a friend, but I need some assistance from anyone already studying for the GAMSAT or has undergone the GAMSAT. I understand that it is more so a test of empathy and reasoning, so I...
  5. J

    How hard is the Mathematics in USyd?

    How hard is the math in medical science? What things do you learn? I'm planning to major in Medical Science in University of Sydney. I want to take Math for Humanities (instead of Math for Science) but I'm not sure whether that will do me any good later on in university. Can I cope up with the...
  6. better_late_than_never

    Can I undertake postgraduate qualification(s) to increase my GPA?

    Hi all, I've recently decided that I want to apply for medicine at Auckland after an less than ideal tertiary education path. I'm currently in my last year of my Masters in Dietetics at Otago and have realised that the last two graded years I have completed (300 and 400 level) only amount to a...
  7. J

    Non science background and terrible with writing- GAMSAT March 2018 help!!

    Hey guys, First time posting alert. Sorry for long post in advance! As you can read in the title, i'm a non-science background student looking to sit the March 2018 GAMSAT test. Also mentioning, i am terrible with data interpretation and critical thinking so S1 and S2 will need a good amount...
  8. T

    Stuck on these question, have solution but don't understand

    I don't know how to attach images so ive just uploaded them. I cant remember what the solution for the second one was Q1. Screenshot solution is D. Just dont know why Q2. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet <-This is a link
  9. N

    Prediction of results: QLD students

    Hello :) I am in grade 12 this year and am hoping to gain provisional entry into the Bachelor of Medical Science at Griffith. From looking at my current grades and my projected grades by the end of term 4, do you think I can get in? I know OP is affected by my school QCS average, but that is...
  10. N

    Need Opinions and Advice!

    Hello! My name is Nicolas, and I am a recent Year 12 Graduate whos decided to take a Gap Year to try and secure a Direct Entry Pathway into Medicine at UWA (through High Academic Achievement). I got an ATAR of 99.25 if that's relevant! I've gone through all the five practice materials and...
  11. Sam

    [Otago] If you need any help with Pharmacy read this.

    Heya, If you're an Otago pharmacy student (or even Auckland) and are having trouble with the course, doubting the profession as a whole or just want to know what it's like in practice then I'm more than happy to help you out. I'm open to PM, Skype, Facebook chat, whatever. I'm no professional...
  12. N

    HELP! Am I burning out? How do I get over it ASAP? (Year 12 aspiring medicine student)

    Hi all, I just started Year 12, and I hope to finish school with an OP 1 / ATAR 99+ to gain entry into Medicine. It's all I've ever wanted to - I've dreamed and hoped of this year many times; studying hard, succeeding and attaining my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, I think...
  13. N

    Getting An ATAR Score of 96+

    Hello, I'm entering into year 12 this year and have been considering what to do with my future and have always thought about becoming a doctor. So i've done some research and was told I would need a minimal ATAR score of 96 and would need to do well on the UMAT test to enter into a medical...
  14. M

    UNSW Med Sci Vs UWS Advanced Med Sci?

    I was wondering if anyone could help and compare the two courses, such as what facilities are available, the course work etc and which would be the better choice if I want to pursue a degree in Medicine, whether it be Undergrad or post-grad. I would also like to add that I live right next to UWS...
  15. L

    B Sci (Biology) ?

    Hi guys i really need some help! I'm in first year uni at usyd studying an irrelevant course - i decided recently i would love to get into dentistry. I've done a little bit of research and came to the conclusion to transfer into the B Science course and major in Biology in preparation for...
  16. C

    Becoming a plastic surgeon

    I have been interested in specialising in plastic surgery and eventually hand surgery for a while, and now that I am in towards the end of my degree, I am starting to research what is involved in getting in. I have been unable to get a plastic surgery rotation thus far, and hence never had the...

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