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  1. C

    PHSI191 old exam answer keys

    Hi there, Does anyone on here have the phsi191 answer keys. I'm retaking physics in summer school and would like to use December (2-3 hours each day etc) practicing the old exams before I start school in January so that I'll be well prepared and ready to ace the dreaded physics. Thanks heaps!! :)
  2. L

    Failed Hsfy papers

    So I happen to not pass all my papers for semester one and I’m not too sure as what I should be doing next semester because I wanna try and get into medicine through the graduate category... if its even possible with my grades. I got accepted into neuroscience for semester two Which I don’t...
  3. P

    General Discussion: Unsuccessful HSFY, What Next?

    Hello Everyone, Just finished first semester of HSFY in Otago, unfortunately for one of my papers I got C+, falling short of the B- (65%) threshold for Dentistry and B (70%) for Medicine (A's in the other papers), thus I am not allowed to apply/wont get accepted into Medicine or Dentistry this...
  4. rustyedges

    Otago 2017 Otago HSFY Ranking Scores and Offers Thread

    Looks like results are starting to come out now. Anyone who wants an appraisal of their chances of getting into med, or would like future years to have the same information available as we've been able to give you, here's your chance. (Credit to frootloop for this template) Why should I post...
  5. J

    HSFY with no High School Physics

    Hey all, I'm all set to do HSFY next year, however I haven't done physics in high school, purely because I didn't realise at subject-selection time that this was the path to take. I've applied for that physics summer school program but was just wondering if anyone had any words of...
  6. M

    Overview of BDS at Otago

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone out there who has completed BDS at Otago could give me a run down of the degree and the "life of a dental student". I feel like there are heaps of stuff out there for med, and really nothing on dent. Ruth did an excellent overview of the BDS2 course. A...
  7. B

    HSFY 2018

    Hello people. I was going to wait until UMAT is out but I'm gonna make one now anyway just in case there's anyone thinking of going to Otago next year out there! :D
  8. S

    Should I apply for HSFY or BBiomedSc?

    Hi all! I'm currently doing my final year in high school and I really want to get in the medical field (how ever long it takes). I'm just not sure which route to take to get there, should I graduate from Bachelor of Science/Biomedical Science as it seems like a less overwhelming option than...
  9. A

    Failed all HSFY Semester One papers

    Okay so in sem 1 of HSFY I did not work anywhere near as hard as I should have. I was mentally not in the best space and was not used to being away from home and having a lot of freedom. Anyway the thing is I got about the worst results you could get, failing HUBS191, CHEM191, CELS191 and...
  10. DrFlower

    Otago Vs Auckland Medicine- Where should I GO?

    Otago Vs Auckland: Here are some tips on where to look forward to studying Med depending on your strengths an weaknesses. Let me know if you don’t agree and of any clarifications. Ask these questions and see what your choice is- I know there are many factors that influence the choice on where...

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