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  1. R

    Choosing Between Internship Offers

    I’m a medical student in Victoria but have chosen to not apply for a position here. I’ve just been offered a position at SCGH (Perth) and the Northern Adelaide Health Network. Struggling to choose between the two.. The pay is similar for both (~4K more in Perth) but living expenses I think are...
  2. L

    Auckland NZ Internships for NZ Citizens Completing Med in Aus

    Hi everyone! I'm a NZ citizen that left NZ to study medicine in Australia 4 years ago. I'm looking to apply for an internship position in NZ for next year but I'm really worried of the likelihood of actually being offered a position. I have heard it is incredibly hard to come back to NZ as an...
  3. C

    Internship Experiences and Hospital Reviews

    Hi guys, I'm from queensland so I don't know much about the hospitals in NSW what are the best surgical hospitals in nsw? i know concord is a good one but i'm going to have no chance there so i'm thinking of applying to some less popular ones
  4. T

    Impact of Incomplete Degree on CV

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be starting 1st year medicine at uni of newcastle in 2019, following two years of study in Physiotherapy at a different university. As I am only halfway through the physio degree, I am a bit anxious about having an incomplete degree on my CV once I get to applying for...
  5. Z

    UQ or Deakin? QLD or VIC?

    Good day there, I am a Canadian International applicant who got accepted into both UQ and Deakin (and is still interviewing for a couple more Unis) for Jan 2019 entry. I need help making the decision. I am making a pros and cons list and here is what I came up with: UQ pros: better weather...
  6. V

    Research and publications

    Hi guys:) So I know that research and publications is an important part of med school and something that hospitals look for when it comes to internships and beyond. So, does anyone have any advice on how to get involved in research during med school, and how to get published in peer reviewed...
  7. V

    PGY2+: Post-internship Questions

    Hi Guys:) Could someone please provide me with some information on what happens after internship year, as I'm a bit confused. Do we stay at the same hospital we were at for internship, or could we go to any other hospital? Also, after intern year, what are we called? Resident, registrar, junior...
  8. R

    Victorian Internship Explanation and Questions

    Hi Guys I am currently a first year Medical Student and was all ready thinking about future job prospectus ( 4.5 years away i know) ! I am studying in Queensland but i will be wanting to apply for an internship in Melbourne, Victoria . I know currently interstate medical graduates are 3rd in...
  9. B

    How much does your uni academic result matter?

    I've been looking into different specialist training programs and for most of the entry requirements, they seem to give points for achieving awards such as first in class and getting on the dean's list during med school. As I have not received any awards in med school and I am in my final years...
  10. W

    Interstate Internship Questions and Discussion

    Hi, I'm not far from finishing med school at JCU, I was just wondering if any QLD students who managed to get internships anywhere in NSW could shed some knowledge on the subject? Firstly, I did high school in NSW (making me 2nd priority) but have very little interest in interning in the city...
  11. P

    No Internship

    Hello guys, I've had a quick search on this forum and couldn't find any information relating to this topic, so sorry if this has already been answered. My question is what happens if you graduate from medicine but are unable to find an internship? Do you just try again the next year until you...

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