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  1. S

    University of Adelaide MBBS interview experience

    Hi all! I’m an international applicant who just went for an interview with the university of Adelaide for the 2020 med entry. Just wanted to know how everyone’s experience was like??? (Be it past or present students) sadly I felt like the interviewer was rushing me and i didn’t even manage to...
  2. P

    GPA semester 1 vs semester 2

    Hey lovelies!! Does the medical schools take only semester 1 in to consideration? I have a GPA of 6.33 for semester 1. My results for semester 2 are coming out in November 29th but most schools release interviews October to mid November.
  3. D

    General Interview Discussion and Questions 2020 Entry

    What do I need to know about indigenous people of Australia for my MMI interview, specifically with the University of Monash! Please help!
  4. A

    Interview General Discussion: International Students

    Just wondering if any of you has received an offer for an interview at WSU. I got mine for UNSW a week ago but has not heard anything from WSU. If anyone has any information that would be appreciated too.
  5. A

    [Undergrad] EAS/SCATS/UES/SEAS General Discussion and Enquiries

    Hello the general community of MSO, I am a year 12 student from NSW who is completing the HSC this year and wishes to study medicine next year. However I recently received my UMAT which was extremely disappointing sitting at only 82 percentile (172 -58/49/66). Initially I was thinking of...
  6. J

    Adel Uni Interview Advice?

    Hey everyone, I'm going for both Adelaide dentistry and medicine and I've somehow received interview offers for both of them! Does anyone have some good advice for me, I've never been so genuinely worried about something :'( I'd really appreciate any tips or past experience :DD Thanks so much...
  7. S

    Bond Medicine Interview Experiences

    For those who have done the Bond Medical Interview: What is the interview format for medicine at Bond? What MMIs did you get? What were the questions they asked? What were the challenges, etc? Were you successful?
  8. S

    Flinders Interview for internationals

    Hello everyone, I have received an offer for an interview at Flinders University for their 6 year undergraduate medicine course. I was just wondering if anyone had ever taken an interview at Flinders and could share bits of their experience? There really isn't much resource out there and was...
  9. S

    Adelaide teamworking anecdote that is not leadership!!

    Hello everyone. I'm just preparing for my interview atm and I realised that I cannot think of any teamworking anecdote where I'm not doing a leadership role, and it's hard for me to get an idea of what a good teamworking story would look like, where a person is not doing a leadership role. Would...
  10. Stuart

    Graduate Entry 2017 Chat/Enquiry

    Hello! This thread is for those who will be applying for MBChB at University of Auckland under the Graduate Category for 2018 intake. Come join the chat now and share your experience! If you are new, introduce yourself and tell us where/what your are studying :)
  11. B

    UMelb If details on my application change after submission

    EDIT**** I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum - Sorry! I'm new to this website! If you have any advice, please respond to the correct post: http://medstudentsonline.com.au/forum/threads/if-details-on-my-application-change-after-submission.33959/ I've applied to Unimelb first preference...
  12. M

    Med Students and Doctors REQUIRED

    Hey Guys or girls, I need to complete an interview with either a medical student or doctor for my SACE Yr 12 Research Project. No private details will be discolsed to the public Please let me know if you interested in participating in an interview ASAP.
  13. F

    Monash interview offers for interstate

    Hi everyone I was just wondering whether anyone interstate has received interview offers for monash? Do they email rejection letters like UNSW?? Thank you! Jack
  14. M

    Do I have a decent shot? should I sit GAMSAT again?

    Hey guys, I've just finished Science/Biomed at Monash, have sat the GAMSAT once and I have just received my last batch of semester results. My scores are: GPA: 6.6 GAMSAT: 66 Are these numbers good enough for me to get an interview? should I sit the GAMSAT again in March? I'm really not fussed...
  15. S

    2016 Interview questions (Auckland)-medicine

    Hello everyone, im not too sure when the interviews were held for entry into medicine, but if you have done it, could you please post the scenarios and questions they asked you so that those of us wanting to apply for next year will have a good idea of what types of questions they will be...
  16. L

    A question on first round JCU offer

    Hi guys, just a quick question - if you got accepted to attend the first round med interview at jcu, do they consider your atar when they come out or is everyone on a equal playing field for first round offer (as long as atar is higher than criteria)?
  17. V

    Question about 2017 interview

    Hi I have a BDS interview this Saturday and have a few questions I want to ask, thanks in advance to anyone who answers :) I heard that they really drill you with the uni's course structure, achievement and research, is that true and would anyone be able to provide more details on their...
  18. L

    Taking a gap year

    Hi, assume you got accepted into JCU for medicine this year after the interview. Can I take a gap year before I start semester 1 and come back at 2018 with my spot reserved? And if so, how and when can I apply for gap year?
  19. C

    JCU Interview Query 2017 Non-Standard

    Hi guys Love the work, just new here however.. never made an account but looking forward to engaging in the MSO community :) one query i have never seen answered here and always gets me nervous, Does JCU offer FIRST round interviews to non-standards students based on just the first semester...
  20. L

    Bachelor of Dental Surgery General Discussion

    I've recently become really interested in becoming a dentist :) It wasn't my original game plan following school so I didn't take physics at school. Academically, I could've preformed much better at college if it weren't for procrastination and lack of motivation (since I didn't know what I...