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    International Medical Students: Collated Offer Data

    Hi guys! I'm an applicant for UNSW Medicine and Macquarie University Medicine Programs. I noticed that there are plenty of information and statistics for the offers regarding local applicants, yet, not much for International students. I'm wondering if any International med students, in...
  2. R

    ISAT Scoring Scale

    Hi guys! I've been preparing for the ISAT. I solved several mock tests from online classes but never saw what my actual score would be. I just know how many problems I got right and wrong. I know that the score is from 100-200 and if you get something around 180 your percentile is about 75-80...
  3. L

    International students_medicine, please post your 2017 admission offers

    Hi, international students, please post your Medicine 2017 admission offers! Offers= ISAT: crtical-score/perentile, quanti-score/percentile, OR-score/percentile Grades: ATAR_, or A level_
  4. M

    Low ISAT Percentile and Offer

    I am an onshore international student and applied to UWS, UWA, Flinders, UNSW, Monash and UQ Dent I did not get an interview offer from UWA Medicine because of my ISAT results. I scored 165 in Critical Reasoning (30th Percentile), 166 in Quantitative Reasoning (25th percentile), and 166 overall...
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    ISAT Percentile and Score?

    Hello I am planning to sit the ISAT for 2016 this april. How does the ISAT score works? I understand how the percentile work but how does the score out of 200 comes out? I heard that there are 100 questions in the test, and if I get 80 questions correct, how does the score out of 200 comes out...

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads