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  1. H

    JCU Medicine 2018 General Discussion

    Hi, Just wanted to say hi and start a discussion for JCU 2018.
  2. LMG!

    UTAS MBBS: Scholarships and Bursaries 2018

    For anyone interested: UTAS Scholarships and Bursaries are now open for application for semester one, 2018. The links to the various lists (not all of them managed by UTAS itself) can be found here: Scholarships & Bursaries - Scholarships and Prizes - University of Tasmania, Australia Some...
  3. LMG!

    UTAS MBBS: Entry Information and Discussion

    Following discussion with several people from UTAS MBBS (and related) administration, we have now been told several times that 2018 entry will be the same as 2017 entry for UTAS. Given this (and given how different 2017 was from previous years, not to mention confusing!) I thought I'd put...
  4. U

    Griffith Dent entrace with current MBBS degree from overseas

    Hi, I'm wondering what's the chance of getting accepted at Griffith Dent 2018 intake with a MBBS degree from a overseas university even though the converted GPA does not reach as high as 6.5/7? This is a question for a friend. I am a griffith dent graduate, I know griffith like intaking...
  5. D

    Adelaide (bonded) vs. Flinders (non-bonded)

    Hey, I have received offers for Flinders BCS/MD (non-bonded) and Adelaide uni MBBS (bonded). I will be moving from Canberra so location isn't a big concern. Is there anyone here who has been in a similar position and chose one over the other for some reason? With the BMP scheme, do you get...
  6. LMG!

    [Undergrad] UTAS MBBS 2017 - OFFERS ONLY (no discussion)

    This thread is for posting any offers received for the UTAS 2017 MBBS. Please don't discuss offers here so that the thread remains clear and easy to quickly review. Off topic replies will be deleted. For now, discussion (and panic, and frustration, and excitement) is thoroughly encouraged here...
  7. LMG!

    [Undergrad] UTAS Hopefuls for 2017

    This is a thread for anyone applying to study the undergraduate MBBS degree at the University of Tasmania from 2017. I thought it might be a fun/useful way to share information and/or ask questions. I'm not sure if there are any active MSOers currently studying the MBBS at UTAS who could chime...
  8. AmericanBoy

    UTAS MBBS: Interstate Entry Requirements

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how the entry system works for UTAS? I'm an interstate applicant and I understand the ATAR cutoff is 95, but is this just a threshold or is this weighted with UMAT to determine entry? Or is entry based on UMAT alone? If anyone has had prior experience...
  9. C

    JCU James Cook University 2017 Applicants

    got accepted to JCU for 2017 entry to the medical school in Townsville wondering if anyone is in the same position or if anyone know more about the program and the town!?
  10. N

    JCU JCU Medicine application 2016

    Hi All, Anyone want to join me in the anxious wait for JCU med interview announcements?
  11. aura

    JCU MBBS International Offers?

    Hi! Just wanted to start a thread to see if anyone else has gotten an offer from JCU for their MBBS program, and what country they're from (I'm from Canada). :)

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