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medical entrance

  1. P

    General Discussion: Unsuccessful HSFY, What Next?

    Hello Everyone, Just finished first semester of HSFY in Otago, unfortunately for one of my papers I got C+, falling short of the B- (65%) threshold for Dentistry and B (70%) for Medicine (A's in the other papers), thus I am not allowed to apply/wont get accepted into Medicine or Dentistry this...
  2. HZL

    Medicine at Uni Melb?

    Hey everyone! :) I was wondering how come the Melb uni atar 99.00 med guarantee (maintain 75% WAM, pass an interview to gain med entry) isn't so popular? Is it because it's a full fee place? Because the 75% is hard to achieve? or...? I'm looking to pursue that path, so any advice would be...
  3. M

    Scholarships for International Students

    How likely are international students to receive a scholarship from Australian med schools?
  4. M

    Admissions for undergrad med entry

    When do admissions for undergrad med entry 2019 begin in Australia? I am doing the IB and will be taking my exams in May 2018. So I won't get my results until July of 2018. Should I apply with my predicted scores?
  5. V

    Undergraduate degree Flinders or any ?

    Hey guys , I am looking to join an undergraduate degree in Australia . I am from India and want to do my pre -med in Oz and do my GAMSAT to get a med offeerr.... My concern is how difficult is it to get a GPA of 5 and above also I am used to study 8 hrs a day ?? and about the possibility of...
  6. P

    'What papers should I do at UoA for graduate entry' Chat/enquiries

    Hi guys, I am currently in my final year and I am majoring in pharmacology at Auckland University. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on some good 200 level papers to take, as I am not sure which ones would be good to increase my GPA. Could someone please provide some suggestions...
  7. A

    [Undergrad] Help Please

    Hi, I'm currently a Year 10 student going into Year 11 in 2017. At the moment they are encouraging us to think about our careers and pathways. I have been thinking about pathways going in all different types of fields, one of them being medicine. I thought that medicine would be good for me as...
  8. B

    [Undergrad] UWA or Curtin for Studying Medicine?

    Hi everyone, I graduated from Year 12 last year and I decided to take a gap year this year to re-do my UMAT and do some volunteering. I have my heart set on medicine. However, I am unsure where I should put UWA (bonded and unbonded) and Curtin in my preferences in my uni application. These are...
  9. M

    What can I expect in the Umat?

    Hey guys, i'm going to be undertaking the Umat this year and to be honest, i'm kinda getting nervous since it's coming up in less than a months time and i've done little preparation. For those of you who've already gone through the process, I would like to know your thoughts on the test and the...
  10. Wants2bDr

    JCU Minimum score NON-RURAL non-standard

    HEY EVERYONE I did the HSC in 2013 with an ATAR of 95.35 (predicted 97) and received an interview for JCU but didnt make it. I then studied Law/Sci at Macq for about a year with a credit average GPA. I then left that and went to study Medicine at University College Dublin (in Ireland) and am...

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