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  1. S

    University of Adelaide MBBS interview experience

    Hi all! I’m an international applicant who just went for an interview with the university of Adelaide for the 2020 med entry. Just wanted to know how everyone’s experience was like??? (Be it past or present students) sadly I felt like the interviewer was rushing me and i didn’t even manage to...
  2. P

    GPA semester 1 vs semester 2

    Hey lovelies!! Does the medical schools take only semester 1 in to consideration? I have a GPA of 6.33 for semester 1. My results for semester 2 are coming out in November 29th but most schools release interviews October to mid November.
  3. D

    General Interview Discussion and Questions 2020 Entry

    What do I need to know about indigenous people of Australia for my MMI interview, specifically with the University of Monash! Please help!
  4. L

    Failed Hsfy papers

    So I happen to not pass all my papers for semester one and I’m not too sure as what I should be doing next semester because I wanna try and get into medicine through the graduate category... if its even possible with my grades. I got accepted into neuroscience for semester two Which I don’t...
  5. M

    Mental health/history of self harm and medicine

    hello guys! im a first year doing medicine i dont know where to ask a question like this but.. but i have a history of depression and self harm, where my arms are pretty badly covered in scars.. they were all from many many years ago and i never have urges like that anymore however im just...
  6. T

    Impact of Incomplete Degree on CV

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be starting 1st year medicine at uni of newcastle in 2019, following two years of study in Physiotherapy at a different university. As I am only halfway through the physio degree, I am a bit anxious about having an incomplete degree on my CV once I get to applying for...
  7. M

    JCU Dentistry 2019

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone got accepted into a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with an OP/Rank of 6/89. I have checked the information released by QTAC and it states that this was the lowest score to receive an offer in 2018. I'm a non-rural interstate applicant and wanted to know my...
  8. D

    QTAC GPA Calculation

    Gday, I’m currently enrolled in a degree that has placement/practical units that run after the semester ends. In other words, 3 units are done at uni and one is done after for which the mark is released at different times. I just contacted qtac and they said that for any unit that is enrolled...
  9. P

    Choosing An Undergraduate Degree

    Hello! I have graduated year 12 this year and want to study graduate entry medicine (preferably) at USYD. I need advice for choosing an undergraduate degree that would best "prepare" me for graduate entry medicine. From my research i've come up with a few things i definitely want in the degree...
  10. LMG!

    NZ Med and Dent Place Offers 2019 - Collated Data

    There will no doubt be data missing from this due to the way the NZ threads are set up. If you have numbers you would be happy to have included, please reply to this post and let me know, or point me in the direction of where you've already posted. Thank you! And best of luck to those on the...
  11. A

    [Undergrad] EAS General Discussion and Enquiries

    Hello the general community of MSO, I am a year 12 student from NSW who is completing the HSC this year and wishes to study medicine next year. However I recently received my UMAT which was extremely disappointing sitting at only 82 percentile (172 -58/49/66). Initially I was thinking of...
  12. R

    Year 13 with questions about tackling biomed

    Hi everyone Im a year 13 student hopefully heading to biomed next year at UoA to compete for med entry (typical). I had a few questions about first year so any help will be greaaaaatly appreciated :) ideally i am on the hunt for people now studying med or those who have done first yr biomed...
  13. D

    Medicine Related Work Experience

    hi, i'm an assured pathway student at UWA currently in my 2nd year of med sciences (undergrad). i'm looking to gain some medical-related work experience (attachments, shadowing, volunteering, rural/overseas trips, etc) in perth and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. thanks in advance!
  14. G

    Studying Medicine Overseas

    Hello, I am a year 10 student (yes, I know, still pretty young to be thinking about this) and I really want to study medicine. However, I am sure that I don't want to do it here. I have been thinking about studying in Europe (UK, France, Scandinavia + others) but want to know about possible...
  15. M

    [Undergrad] Is my ATAR useless now?

    I've graduated high school with a 99+ ATAR but missed out on med likely because of my umat which wasn't too great. (I'm pretty sure my interview went well) Anyways, I am redoing UMAT this year to hopefully get another shot at medicine but I just wanted to know, is my ATAR still even going to be...
  16. M

    Curtin Medical School Information Evening

    Just thought all those out there might be interested to know that Curtin are running a Medicine information evening this Thursday (26/4). There's a webinar for those of us who are interstate which is cool. Just make sure you register here so you can tune in- Medicine information evening and...
  17. K

    Hpat (Ireland UMAT equivalent) Post exam debrief

    So I did the hpat (irish unat run by acer) yesterday, any questions fire away!
  18. P

    BMedRes/MBBS Guaranteed Entry

    Hey team! I have created a Facebook group for not just Guaranteed entry students but all students to BMedRes at UTAS Here's the link: Log into Facebook | Facebook Not sure if this will work but no harm in giving it a shot! If you know anyone please add them!! NOTE: this Facebook group is from...
  19. R

    Applying for Med as a rural student - advice on uni's/options?

    Hi, I've been wanting to do medicine for a really long time, I have a huge desire to work in remote and Inidigenous communities. I was hoping for some advice on which school I could be likely accepted into? – based on my situation. I'm thinking at this stage a portfolio school would be best...
  20. Z

    UMAT Workshops, Tutoring, and Prep Programs

    How much demand is there from high schoolers for private UMAT tutoring? I will potentially be studying in Sydney next year and did respectably in the UMAT, so I was wondering whether any of you had insights on: A) whether I'd get much business as a one-on-one UMAT tutor, and if so B) what the...

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