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  1. Avatar Aang

    UoA MMI 2019

    Hey guys, I thought I would create this to discuss anything to do with MMI for this year. Something iam really struggling with is answering the personal experience and personal insight questions because I feel I am not the type of person to express my feelings and share emotional experiences...
  2. N

    Monash Interview MMI

    Hello everyone :) Just wanted to ask, I have my MMI for Monash Medicine coming up in 20 days - and I'm nervous! Any tips/ advice? I understand how the MMI's work in terms of the scenario assessment but I'm more nervous for the personal questions - why Monash? why YOU? Also, I was wondering do...
  3. D

    General Interview Discussion and Questions 2020 Entry

    What do I need to know about indigenous people of Australia for my MMI interview, specifically with the University of Monash! Please help!
  4. K

    what do interviewers expect in MMIs?

    Well, I just found out my interview with Monash this afternoon and is flying to Melbourne tomorrow to get the interview (I can't believe the email was in my junk mail) Anyway, I have only participated in UNSW Med Interviews and it is quite different to MMI as far as I understand. I have been...
  5. Stuart

    Graduate Entry 2017 Chat/Enquiry

    Hello! This thread is for those who will be applying for MBChB at University of Auckland under the Graduate Category for 2018 intake. Come join the chat now and share your experience! If you are new, introduce yourself and tell us where/what your are studying :)
  6. V

    Info about Bond?

    For the Bond interview (undergrad medicine), does anyone have any information on how it's structured particularly. I know that there's 8 active stations in an MMI format. How much STEM reading time do we have? Are there any rest stations? Couldn't get much information about this online, thanks...
  7. DrFlower

    Otago Vs Auckland Medicine- Where should I GO?

    Otago Vs Auckland: Here are some tips on where to look forward to studying Med depending on your strengths an weaknesses. Let me know if you don’t agree and of any clarifications. Ask these questions and see what your choice is- I know there are many factors that influence the choice on where...

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads