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  1. N

    Monash Interview MMI

    Hello everyone :) Just wanted to ask, I have my MMI for Monash Medicine coming up in 20 days - and I'm nervous! Any tips/ advice? I understand how the MMI's work in terms of the scenario assessment but I'm more nervous for the personal questions - why Monash? why YOU? Also, I was wondering do...
  2. D

    General Interview Discussion and Questions 2020 Entry

    What do I need to know about indigenous people of Australia for my MMI interview, specifically with the University of Monash! Please help!
  3. D

    Low ATAR but okay UMAT

    Hey guys, so I've received a pretty low ATAR of 91. 95 but I did receive a 95%ile in the UMAT. What kind of chance do I still have at getting into medicine?
  4. M

    MD Subject Review

    Hey Fam, decided to write these subject reviews as a couple of things in Pi’s subject review are outdated with the introduction of the new Monash MD course. DEFINITELY still check it out as I don’t think my review will be as nearly as thorough. Subject Code Name: MED1011 – Medicine 1 Workload...
  5. C

    Monash Guarantee - What does it do for med?

    Hi, so today I found out I’m eligible for Monash Guarantee and SEAS and have read that the Guarantee applies for 94 ATAR and 175 UMAT both of which I am above (barring any disasters for the ATAR). So what does this actually guarantee, an interview? Additionally could anyone give any personal...
  6. K

    [Undergrad] UNSW vs Monash

    I'm having trouble deciding which Uni to go to and would really appreciate any input to help with my decision. I was accepted into UNSW and Monash last year, and deferred, and its coming up to that time when I have to make the all important decision and enroll. I am a rural student that lives...
  7. D

    [Undergrad] Gap year?

    I am currently in year 11 and I am interested in pursuing medicine at Monash University. I am currently considering Undergraduate Medicine degree at Monash Unviersity, however I am concerned about how the direct to entry works. The page on the website says that you are eligible to apply if you...
  8. F


    Hello, just wondering about all medical students who studied NCEA in New Zealand and are studying med at an Australian Uni now! How many excellence credits did you get, and specifically in which subjects etc to get your ATAR? I'm quite confused on how ATAR will be calculated from NCEA (I heard...
  9. C

    What are my options for public health in australia?

    Hello, I am a recent graduate of dentistry(BDS) from Syria, and I would like to pursue an education in public health. My GPA is very low 2.2/4 , I have a voluntary experience in NGO for 4 years during college, and I don't know whether I should be thinking about applying in one of those...
  10. acbard9

    Monash Pharmacy

    Hi there, I am looking to apply to Monash for the BPharm(Hons)/MPharm program, or for Graduate Entry Pharmacy. I'm unsure as to what they are looking for? Do I need to do anything like UMAT? Also, will they consider just my high school grades (2A*, 2A in A-Levels) or will they also take into...
  11. G

    [Undergrad] Choosing between WSU BMP and Monash ERC

    hi, so i have two offers -bonded offer from wsu -erc offer from monash from melbourne but going to move out soon probably anyways which should i choose and why? thanks!
  12. J

    Got many offers, help (UNSW vs Monash)

    Hello, I got unbonded offers at Curtin, JCU, Monash and UNSW. Right now it's a toss up between Monash and UNSW, but I can't decide between them! I was leaning toward UNSW just because I thought it was harder to get into and I shouldn't waste it. Is this true though? Some people are saying Monash...
  13. F

    Monash interview offers for interstate

    Hi everyone I was just wondering whether anyone interstate has received interview offers for monash? Do they email rejection letters like UNSW?? Thank you! Jack
  14. D

    Question for Undergraduate Medicine graduates

    Hey guys, I'm looking at trying for the Undergraduate Medicine degree at Monash, but I have a question for those who have completed the course and then continued on with their career in medicine. Do you feel as prepared as those who completed Postgraduate medicine, or less prepared?
  15. M

    Medicine with low UMAT and high ATAR

    Hey guys! I scored an ATAR of 99.95 :D But somehow totally bombed the UMAT and managed a score of 72 percentile with a raw score of 164. I got my first round interview from USyd but I just wanted to know what were my chances at UNSW or Monash?
  16. N

    Biomedical Science at Monash

    Hey! Just wondering if anyone is going to do a Bachelor of Biomedical Science this year?
  17. B

    2016 Monash Medicine Offers

    Hey everyone! First round offers from Monash were released today, thought I might get the ball rolling. Offer: Yes ATAR/GPA: 99.50 UMAT: 81 Rural: No Bonded. So excited!!!
  18. S


    hi!! So I want to study undergrad med, and so far I can't find any accomodation (particularly at Monash and une) that suits my preferences. I'm aware that only manix at Monash gives full meals (3 a day ??) but there are no ensuite bathroom which is a problem. My criteria include: - meals...
  19. Miss-dent

    UniMelb Dentistry/Monash Science as a Non School Leaver? 2016

    Hi guys, im currently doing a foundation program at the University of Newcastle to gain entrace into uni. Im interested in doing Science at Monash, however, after giving them a call, i found out i only have a slim chance of getting in as, first; they havent even heard of the program. Secondly, i...
  20. A

    2017 Monash Graduate Entry

    Hey, Had my interview early September. Just wondering if anyone had heard anything from Monash yet? Cheers! Ps. sorry about the date typo

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