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  1. B

    UoA or Otago Pharmacy?

    Hi There, I'm currently deciding between UoA or Otago pharmacy. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of the pharmacy course in both unis. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. A

    Otago MBChB - Overview of the Years

    I was looking back over some earlier MBChB threads and came across some comments from recently-accepted med students wanting to know more about ELM2. A few people had said they’d been planning a post of everything-ELM2 but it never came about, so I thought I’d put one together myself. This is...
  3. H

    Graduate Entry Dilemma - Help!

    Hi guys! I am currently in my third and final year of Biomed at Auckland. My first year was totally terrible (finished the year with a GPA of 3) and my second year was still really bad (GPA of 3.8). Terrible, I know. I cruised through the first 2 years of my degree. It wasn't until the middle of...
  4. W

    Auckland Review of my Neuroscience Degree + tips

    G’day, MSO has been super helpful over the last few years in terms providing information about papers and courses and I just want to give something back. So I have decided to do a little review of my neuroscience degree and give some information about the papers that I have completed. I will...
  5. LMG!

    NZ Med and Dent Place Offers 2018 - Collated Data

    This exists so that Stuart doesn't have to worry about people getting a bit off topic in the specific University threads :D. Merry Christmas, Stuart (it seemed only fair!). University of Auckland Medicine core GPA, raw UMAT, application type, special considerations (if applicable) 9.00, 173...
  6. D

    Pharmacy second year

    Just wanted to gain some knowledge from a previous pharmacy student on what second year is like? What you get to do, any assignments, placements and what workshops are like? Also I've noticed that for 2018 it only shows three papers and the credit numbers are different. What does this mean and...
  7. D

    Pharmacy offers

    Hi, I applied under single preference for pharmacy, I'm really hanging out for whenever offers arrive. Can anyone tell me when they roughly received their offer? I know it's like up to the 22nd dec, but surely no one has to wait that long?
  8. H

    Alternative Entry into BPharm at Auckland Uni

    Hi, just wondering what GPA is needed realistically to gain entry into BPharm at Auckland Uni or Otago On the UOA website it says B gpa of 5 is needed but im sure it's much higher than this thanks in advance :)
  9. S

    Applying for 2nd year Neuroscience.

    Otago student here. I have no idea if this is the right place to put this. Im not sure about trying for post grad entry into med but i need advice on adding papers to ss, s1 and s2 to boost my gpa for 2nd year Neuro. right now i have FORB201 SS MICR221 S1 PHAL211...
  10. B

    OTAGO to AUCKLAND MED question

    Hello, I am at my final year for my Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree. I was wondering how my GPA will be like for Auckland Medicine. On their website, it says the best 120 points from past two years will be taken account. However getting confused with this table from their website...
  11. M

    Overview of BDS at Otago

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone out there who has completed BDS at Otago could give me a run down of the degree and the "life of a dental student". I feel like there are heaps of stuff out there for med, and really nothing on dent. Ruth did an excellent overview of the BDS2 course. A...
  12. M

    Graduate alternative applicant

    Hi there Otago fam! I have few questions considering applyig for dental school in Otago to second year of BDS. I am planning on appling through graduate and alternative section. I have completed a BS degree in biomedical overseas and unforuantely physics was not required for me. I am also...
  13. B

    HSFY 2018

    Hello people. I was going to wait until UMAT is out but I'm gonna make one now anyway just in case there's anyone thinking of going to Otago next year out there! :D
  14. B

    Easy 200/300 papers for Semester 2 (2017)

    Hello, Does anyone know any "easy" 200/300 papers for semester 2 (2017)? Thanks :)
  15. Sam

    [Otago] If you need any help with Pharmacy read this.

    Heya, If you're an Otago pharmacy student (or even Auckland) and are having trouble with the course, doubting the profession as a whole or just want to know what it's like in practice then I'm more than happy to help you out. I'm open to PM, Skype, Facebook chat, whatever. I'm no professional...
  16. Ruth

    BDS2 Overview

    I've had a few people ask me about BDS2, so here it is! Apologies for how long this took, but at least I got it out before the course started, right...? :D Also apologies again for how long it is, apparently I'm not good at short/succinct lol. BDS2 Dentistry is structured pretty differently to...
  17. M

    GPA cutoff for Otago dent

    Hey does anyone know the previous years GPA cutoff for HSFY for Otago dentistry (maybe more specifically, cutoff for first round offers and waitlist accepted)? And when do they release first round offers? Thank you :)
  18. S

    Foundation Year

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone here has done foundation year at Otago then got into HSFY? Any help such as entry requirements, min grades to get into HSFY would help a lot! Thanks in advance :)
  19. S

    Should I apply for HSFY or BBiomedSc?

    Hi all! I'm currently doing my final year in high school and I really want to get in the medical field (how ever long it takes). I'm just not sure which route to take to get there, should I graduate from Bachelor of Science/Biomedical Science as it seems like a less overwhelming option than...
  20. Grape

    30 point papers!

    Hi all! I'm currently studying a BHsc at Canterbury (it is non-clinical). just realised that two of my third-year papers are 30 points! How will these subject work for calculating GPA- is it just counted as two 15 point papers? Has anyone taken 30 point papers?

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