1. 2xq

    Physiotherapy Schools Selection Criteria (2021 Updated)

    For those considering Physiotherapy as an alternative career to medicine/dentistry, this is the page that'll list all UNDERGRADUATE accredited courses (Australian Programs) that'll allow you to practice as a Physiotherapist in a very digestible table much like Med schools Selection Criteria Y12s...
  2. B

    Post Grad Entry Advice

    Hi all, I am currently in my "2nd year" of Physiology as I transferred from first year pre-med Health Sciences. I completed all the premed core papers at Auckland, BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110, POPLHLTH 111, MEDSCI 142 getting 7.00 GPA in the end. I never went to 111 lectures (studied literally a total...
  3. D


    Hello, I'm going to be a Yr12 Student this year, and I know I definitely want to do something medical/health related in life. I've seen threads comparing Medicine and Dentistry, but never the 5 of these, which seem to be the most sought after degrees in healthcare right now. I was wondering...