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    Post Grad Entry Advice

    Hi all, I am currently in my "2nd year" of Physiology as I transferred from first year pre-med Health Sciences. I completed all the premed core papers at Auckland, BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110, POPLHLTH 111, MEDSCI 142 getting 7.00 GPA in the end. I never went to 111 lectures (studied literally a total...
  2. D

    Does it matter which uni you do an undergrad degree at for usyd med?

    I'm not going to get the .95 needed for guarenteed entry into usyd med. However, if I want to apply again for postgrad, does the undergraduate degree need to come from usyd med, or can it be from any uni?
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    How much does your uni academic result matter?

    I've been looking into different specialist training programs and for most of the entry requirements, they seem to give points for achieving awards such as first in class and getting on the dean's list during med school. As I have not received any awards in med school and I am in my final years...
  4. A

    Failed all HSFY Semester One papers

    Okay so in sem 1 of HSFY I did not work anywhere near as hard as I should have. I was mentally not in the best space and was not used to being away from home and having a lot of freedom. Anyway the thing is I got about the worst results you could get, failing HUBS191, CHEM191, CELS191 and...
  5. L

    B Sci (Biology) ?

    Hi guys i really need some help! I'm in first year uni at usyd studying an irrelevant course - i decided recently i would love to get into dentistry. I've done a little bit of research and came to the conclusion to transfer into the B Science course and major in Biology in preparation for...
  6. C

    Postgrad optom entry UNSW

    Was wondering if anyone could please give me some idea about how likely it is that I receive an offer to study optom at UNSW this year based on my current academic results? I'm applying as a post-grad (I have a BSc degree from UTS) with a GPA of 5.6. Had a pretty rough first year (which included...
  7. N

    [Grad] Which uni's acknowledge masters?!

    Hey everyone, I completed a BSC (Honours 2nd 1st Div) at USYD but my GPA is a low credit average. I'm contemplating applying for a Masters (by coursework preferably), but want to know which, if any, medical schools acknowledge a Masters degree. I have a years work experience in a research lab...

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