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  1. Kyle

    PhD as a Registrar - My Experience.

    About 18 months ago I bit the bullet and signed up for a full time PhD, essentially leaving clinical practice for 3 years. I still private assist a couple of times a month at a couple of private hospitals but day to day I have no list, no pager, no patients, no consults, no on-call, just...
  2. D

    Applications for Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

    Hi, I am looking to apply for the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Specialisation) in the field of orthodontics or prosthodontics. From what I understand, you have to write a personal statement to the university and there are interviews after. Would anyone be able to help shed some light on this...
  3. B

    Post Grad Entry Advice

    Hi all, I am currently in my "2nd year" of Physiology as I transferred from first year pre-med Health Sciences. I completed all the premed core papers at Auckland, BIOSCI 107, CHEM 110, POPLHLTH 111, MEDSCI 142 getting 7.00 GPA in the end. I never went to 111 lectures (studied literally a total...
  4. B

    How much does your uni academic result matter?

    I've been looking into different specialist training programs and for most of the entry requirements, they seem to give points for achieving awards such as first in class and getting on the dean's list during med school. As I have not received any awards in med school and I am in my final years...
  5. P

    'What papers should I do at UoA for graduate entry' Chat/enquiries

    Hi guys, I am currently in my final year and I am majoring in pharmacology at Auckland University. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on some good 200 level papers to take, as I am not sure which ones would be good to increase my GPA. Could someone please provide some suggestions...
  6. A

    UWS vs. UOW: Choosing between a postgrad vs. undergrad offer

    Hi there, I've posted this on the PagingDr Postgrad forum but was advised to do so here to get more opinions, particularly in terms of the undergrad option I'm considering. I have received a CSP for UoW's graduate MD program, but also have been offered an interview for UWS (WSU)'s undergraduate...

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