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    How much does your uni academic result matter?

    I've been looking into different specialist training programs and for most of the entry requirements, they seem to give points for achieving awards such as first in class and getting on the dean's list during med school. As I have not received any awards in med school and I am in my final years...
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    What speciality does majority of WSU graduates end up going to?

    Which speciality does the majority of wsu graduates end up going?
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    Which speciality does majority of unsw graduates end up going?

    Edit: What specialities do unsw graduates end up pursuing? In each year, what's the speciality makeup of the graduation crew? e.g. 75% GP, 3% cardiothoraic surgery, 5% OB/GYN, 1% radiologist etc etc??
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    does uni matter in getting in speciality

    Does uni matter in getting into a speciality? Do most people that get into a certain speciality come from a bunch of set unis? Does each uni geer you towards different paths in the future? (eg some gear you towards being a rural doctor, others an inner city doc, others a surgical speciality...

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