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umat 2018

  1. LMG!

    UMAT 2018 Results Only Thread - A QUICK POLL

    (the procrastination levels have reached stratospheric, it's true)
  2. LMG!

    UMAT 2018 Results Discussion

    Exam study procrastination at its finest right here... :rolleyes: Please use the following template to make initial posts. Posts not using this format will be edited/deleted. Questions are not compulsory, but if you have one you’d like answered, for example, “what are my chances of…” then use...
  3. S

    WSU Non-standard Entry

    Hi, this is my first post so I may sound a bit stupid but I have done a lot of research. I'm currently @ Usyd and finished my B.Sc coursework last year and now I'm spending the year doing honours in biochemistry. A few points: I'm GWS GPA ~ 6 Doing UMAT this year I was just wondering if...
  4. L

    MedEntry UCAT course - group discount

    Anyone interested in forming a group of 5 for the Platinum course?
  5. K

    Hpat (Ireland UMAT equivalent) Post exam debrief

    So I did the hpat (irish unat run by acer) yesterday, any questions fire away!
  6. M

    UMAT scores

    Hi everyone, Congratulations to those who just got into MBChB.:clap:Well done. I'm new to this forum and i hope you guys could help me with this one. I will be having my UMAT test in July 2018 and I completed the free practice test 1 that came with the registration on the UMAT official...
  7. S

    Pre-UMAT 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hello there first time. Was the exam comparitively similar to acer's? Also, any other Yr 11 studying for umat already?

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