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  1. M

    UCAT Tutor Needed

    Hi there! I am looking for a UCKAT/UMAT tutor located within Sydney to tutor me for this years UCKAT. I know that this years test is of course unchartered territory, but as there are some similiarities between the old an new exam, I feel as though some skills may be transferrable. So Im looking...
  2. A

    [Undergrad] EAS General Discussion and Enquiries

    Hello the general community of MSO, I am a year 12 student from NSW who is completing the HSC this year and wishes to study medicine next year. However I recently received my UMAT which was extremely disappointing sitting at only 82 percentile (172 -58/49/66). Initially I was thinking of...
  3. H

    where do you go to check UMAT results

    ^ like i know you go to the candidate account on acer, but then where do you go after that? and what does it look like? - from a very confuzzled noob
  4. H

    UTAS entry as a graduate

    Hey guys I’m currently looking at applying into medicine for 2019, (or 2020 if my gpa is bad) and am planning on applying as a student with disabilities (under UTAS at UOA). My gpa for the past two years will hopefully be a 7 or just over. And based on my last time doing umat I’ll probably be...
  5. F

    Are UMAT S1 questions as hard as Medentry Problem Solving questions?

    Been cramming tonnes of umat practice, and the thing I have most problem with are the problem solving questions of Medentry. Given sufficient time, one can solve it fairly smoothly, but the amount of info in the premise they give for the amount of questions is relatively hard and im worried :(...
  6. F

    Can "some" mean all/everything?

    Hi guys, I haven't been able to determine if "some" can mean all in UMAT. I've found some sources saying it can (in mathematics field/Any value that is non-zero), and some cases saying it doesn't imply all. Can someone help me clarify this please.
  7. K

    Hpat (Ireland UMAT equivalent) Post exam debrief

    So I did the hpat (irish unat run by acer) yesterday, any questions fire away!
  8. Z

    UMAT Workshops, Tutoring, and Prep Programs

    How much demand is there from high schoolers for private UMAT tutoring? I will potentially be studying in Sydney next year and did respectably in the UMAT, so I was wondering whether any of you had insights on: A) whether I'd get much business as a one-on-one UMAT tutor, and if so B) what the...
  9. C

    Cookie's Guide to the UMAT - 2018

    Considering that I got quite a few messages about the UMAT, and requests for a UMAT guide, I might as well write this up haha. Highly recommend looking at the UMAT 2018 Information Booklet and this post first. All prospective med applicants should refer to this post, which is an overview of the...
  10. Sala

    Best degree for applying non-standard

    I'm looking at applying next year to Med (UNSW, JMP, WSU and any other universities that take) as a non-standard after starting my first year of uni and using my GPA from that year, and ATAR as well, if necessary. I'm looking at an ATAR around 94-96 so there's no point for me to take a gap year...
  11. Stuart

    Graduate Entry 2017 Chat/Enquiry

    Hello! This thread is for those who will be applying for MBChB at University of Auckland under the Graduate Category for 2018 intake. Come join the chat now and share your experience! If you are new, introduce yourself and tell us where/what your are studying :)
  12. L

    Auckland 8.5 GPA and ~20th percentile UMAT known cases?

    not MAPAS or RRAS. If anyone knows of similar cases which have been successful please let me know! I want to see hope to keep me going.
  13. LMG!

    [Undergrad] UMAT Key Dates

    With input from A1, Dr.Potato, and Sherlock, below are the exam and then results release dates from the previous 6 years, with a space to add this year once we know it. ACER do not advertise a results release date, generally simply stating "results will be released by the end of September". Your...
  14. LMG!

    [Undergrad] UMAT Forum: Table of Contents

    Important, useful, and interesting UMAT-related information has been pulled from the UMAT forum pages and collated here for ease of browsing and participation. Results and discussions from the past five years have been tabulated, and data from further back can be collated if requested...
  15. H

    Prep Course Most similar to real UMAT

    Hi, what is the prep course that is most similar to the real UMAT in your experience? thank you!
  16. H

    UMAT Last Minute PrepGenie practice exams

    Hey guys, I'm selling my login for prepgenie exams and hundreds of drills which will last until UMAT this year on 26th July. Check prepgenie website <> I bought the comprehensive series for $250 last year and willing to sell...
  17. E

    Medentry group before july 8th

    Hi if anyone would like to join a MedEntry group we need one more person so we can get the discount for a course on the 8th on July so we would need you to pay today. The reduction is a few hundred. Thanks Submit your email and i'll add you ASAP
  18. LMG!

    [Undergrad] UMAT Scoring FAQs

    The below information has been put together from a number of sources, including official ACER information (bell curves and statements of results), and data collated over a number of years here at MSO. While it does not purport to be the Exact Explanation of how UMAT scoring works, it is the best...
  19. W

    Undertaking the UMAT in sections

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether it would be worth undertaking the UMAT in sections considering my strengths and weaknesses in each section, opposed to completing each question in order. My S2 and S3 are quite good, however, my S1 is ridiculously bad and ensures everytime I do a practice...
  20. T

    Hoping to find a few people to join a group for the platinum medentry umat course group discount :)

    Tasmanian area (not sure if that helps in any way). Send me an email on

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