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  1. S

    Western Sydney University Undergrad Med Key dates

    Hi, I'm an onshore international student studying in South Australia. I was wondering if anybody know when the key dates are for Western Sydney University's undergrad medicine course. Thanks Sils
  2. P

    [Undergrad] Griffith Medical Science (MD Prov. Entry) as a Rural Applicant

    Hi, all, So, here’s the situation: I’m a rural applicant (RA2) with a high OP2 and an ATAR of 98-99 (waiting to receive the exact ATAR from QCAA). Though I’m aware Griffith University prioritises rural applicants over others for their Medical Science program (25% of cohort must be of rural...
  3. K

    [Undergrad] UNSW vs Monash

    I'm having trouble deciding which Uni to go to and would really appreciate any input to help with my decision. I was accepted into UNSW and Monash last year, and deferred, and its coming up to that time when I have to make the all important decision and enroll. I am a rural student that lives...
  4. D

    % intake of undergrad students

    hallp, usyd has a pie chart of the various undergrad degrees their postgrad students took. does unsw have a such a transparency thing where they state what % their undergrad intake comes from? (in terms of school leavers, mature entry students, non standard entry students, medical science...
  5. W


    Hey guys, I'm looking to do the MedEntry Platinum prep course and if you sign up as a group with at least 2 other people you get a pretty decent discount (only $595 as opposed to $870). My email is if you're interested :)
  6. Isiyara

    UQ UQ Med Offers 2017

    Good luck everyone! :) Offer Template ATAR/GPA: UMAT: (Percentile, Total Score) Section 1 Score: Unbonded/bonded: Special Considerations:
  7. Isiyara

    Med Place Offers 2017 (Offers Only - All Unis)

    Hi! This thread is for medicine offers for 2017 entry. Try not to discuss here so it's easier for future applicants to gauge cut-offs etc. but discussion is welcome here: Med Place Offers 2017 - General Discussion All the best to everyone! :) Offer Template Offer: Yes / No University...
  8. C

    UWA UWA med offers thread 2017

    Thought I'd start a thread for when UWA offers come out on 18 Jan. But while we're waiting, could anyone who's previously gotten an offer from UWA please comment - I've seen a lot of past offers posted from the other unis but not much from UWA. It'd be good to know roughly what scores you older...
  9. M


    Hey guys I'm a student from the class of 2016 who came out with a 86 umat and atar and i was wondering if there was any chance for me to receive any undergrad medicine offers next year or the year after. How do universities look at uni students when transferring them to medicine? I'm considering...
  10. M

    UNSW Med Sci Vs UWS Advanced Med Sci?

    I was wondering if anyone could help and compare the two courses, such as what facilities are available, the course work etc and which would be the better choice if I want to pursue a degree in Medicine, whether it be Undergrad or post-grad. I would also like to add that I live right next to UWS...
  11. C

    JCU Med School Acceptance 2017- James Cook Uni. Facebook page

    Somebody should create a Facebook page for the entering class of 2017 so everyone can ask each other questions! Link to this page so we can all see!!
  12. B

    [Undergrad] UWA or Curtin for Studying Medicine?

    Hi everyone, I graduated from Year 12 last year and I decided to take a gap year this year to re-do my UMAT and do some volunteering. I have my heart set on medicine. However, I am unsure where I should put UWA (bonded and unbonded) and Curtin in my preferences in my uni application. These are...
  13. AmericanBoy


    Just looking for some comparison between personal experience of life at either uni, what works and what could be better. I know it's been done 1000 times before but I can't find any threads from <5 years ago, and every med hopeful I know is tossing up this one! (Also yes, I will take any...
  14. AmericanBoy

    UTAS MBBS: Interstate Entry Requirements

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone knows how the entry system works for UTAS? I'm an interstate applicant and I understand the ATAR cutoff is 95, but is this just a threshold or is this weighted with UMAT to determine entry? Or is entry based on UMAT alone? If anyone has had prior experience...
  15. L

    Should I pursue Medicine?

    I'm not sure about being a doctor and would appreciate any suggestions. I love talking to people, making people happy, caring for others, anatomy and physiology, have an interest in chemistry and am fascinated by immunology. The only thing that I don't think I'd like is the whole surgery aspect...
  16. mickey.chen19

    Adelaide Oral Health Interview 2015

    Hi guys, I am from NZ and is a recent school leaver. I will be attending the B. oral health interview at University of Adelaide in a few days, and I am just wondering what I should be prepared for, eg. some frequently asked questions. This is my first interview, so I am not sure what kind of...

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