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undergraduate degree

  1. LMG!

    UTAS MBBS: Entry Information and Discussion

    Following discussion with several people from UTAS MBBS (and related) administration, we have now been told several times that 2018 entry will be the same as 2017 entry for UTAS. Given this (and given how different 2017 was from previous years, not to mention confusing!) I thought I'd put...
  2. M

    Admissions for undergrad med entry

    When do admissions for undergrad med entry 2019 begin in Australia? I am doing the IB and will be taking my exams in May 2018. So I won't get my results until July of 2018. Should I apply with my predicted scores?
  3. J

    Unsure of What Undergraduate Degree To do.

    Hey there. Unfortunetly I was unsuccessful in receiving an offer however I was accepted into a medical imaging undergraduate degree. I still wish to pursue medicine. I am unsure how difficult it will be to keep my GPA up within this degree compared to Biomedical Science. I plan to redo the UMAT...

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