10 EFTS - MBChB Graduate Entry



Just a question about the student loan cap that has been raised from 8 to 10 EFTS for post graduate medical students......so if you enter medical school with 5.7 EFTS from previous studies, would you be able to get a student loan for the entire 5 year medical degree?

I.e. I would (well hopefully) finish MBChB V at 9.7 EFTS, and require a 0.7 EFTS extension to complete a MBChB, totalling 10.7 EFTS?



lil doggo
I'm not too sure. People do it, but I don't think they get an extension from studylink. I think 10 is the absolute max. I'd flick studylink and email or call about it.
I have heard of people applying to get their TI year stipend all at once to put towards fees. I have also heard of students getting really cheap loans from the university to finish MBChB when they run out of EFTS. But these are just things I have 'heard'.

There are options. It will work itself out. I think I'll be in the same position as you later on down the track (finger's crossed). Best of luck!