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Monkey my GPA was either taken as 6.75, 6.93 or 7 from QTAC (depends on if they took my first year GPA, my total GPA or my second year GPA).

I have note heard of any <6.75 yet!!

monkey magic

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Hey sestrooper, I know lachlan from the forum has a gpa 6.75 but his op is 1 so it would probably be his op that gave him entry as the results still arent at qtac, admissions sais they calc ur rank for entry so anything above 6.5 is a 99 rank after 1 year of study, just wondering if this is actually how they are calculating the entry or if the first round was calculated differently to what admissions told me.http://www.medstudentsonline.com.au/member.php?5711-Lachlan

btw were you a pass leader?

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