2015 Dent entry process....from interviews to admission!

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Hopefully this thread will concentrate all the 2014 HSFY's inquiries about admission into Dentistry school for 2015 at Otago.
But of course, this is not limited to HSFYs! Please join too if you are going through post-grad entry, you will probably enlighten the thread with any past experiences too.

We can start with the reception of an interview invitation(or not), and hopefully successfully work our way through to the end of the year, discussing about a possible cut-off mark for admission, and waiting-list statuses.

For interviews:
Please include the score distribution of each of your 3 sections in UMAT^_^.
This way we may work out together what the minimum threshold might be for 2014.

I have attached a picture of the possible questions they might ask you in the interview.
All credits to the epikness website for their provision of it (click for URL link!) :)

Dent interview questions.png
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My friend got his interview invite yesterday (monday) via student webmail.
I believe that was the first day the interviews started to come out.
His umat was 91th percentile and from memory, each section's distribution was 70 49 62...

People in the general inquiry thread guessed that not all the invites come out at the same time because of the processing time of each application:
Possibly by the alphabetical order of Surnames, numerical order of Uni ID or even the UMAT candidate number?
Or maybe by the date of submission of the application via evision.

Either way, my friend's last name starts with J but I don't know what his ID number starts with. He did apply quite early.
I guess we should just be patient and since they still have 5 days to process through all the applications before the interview date...
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