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2020 Welcome and Important Information


Staff Member of the Year 2019
Welcome to 2020 long-standing MSO members and all the newbies that have arrived in time for the current round of admissions. The MSO moderation team wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck with your applications, continued studies, or progress as junior doctors or dentists.

There are a couple of important points we'd also like to mention:

1. 2019 Newbie of the Year, CristinaYang, has put together a fabulous introductory post that provides insider info into the ways to make the best out of your forum browsing experience. See her post here: The welcome guide!

2. As you're moving your way around the different threads, you may see mention of a chat feature. This is a social space for hanging out and having a bit of fun (it's not for srs bsns med/dent entry chat, which is to stay in the threads). Once you've reached 10 meaningful forum posts, you'll have access to this feature and we definitely welcome new faces so come say hi!

3. All the content that you post in the forums, in the chat, and in the whisper function of chat can be seen by staff members and is monitored for content. Please be aware of this when you're sharing information. The chat feature has its own set of rules which can be viewed once you have access, and you can always ask if you're not sure whether something is appropriate. General forum rules can (and should) be viewed here: MSO Rules

4. Content of private messages (accessible after 5 meaningful forum posts, called 'Conversations' and denoted by the envelope icon) is not monitored and can't be accessed by staff. If you receive any private messages that you believe are against forum rules (this could include, but isn't limited to, bullying, requests for inappropriate personal information, or direct solicitation by people trying to sell you things), then please contact a staff member as soon as possible for assistance.

5. You can use the report button to flag forum content that you think is inappropriate or breaches forum rules. All reports are taken seriously by the staff and will be reviewed as soon as possible.

6. If you need to contact a staff member urgently regarding a rules breach or similar concern, this can be done via basically any means of communication available to you including chat message, private message, or forum post (which can be later deleted once the contact has been made). Contacting staff members directly to ask questions that should be posted in the forums (ie. med/dent entry, application, or studying-type questions) is not appropriate in most situations, so please keep this in mind.

Most of all, though, have fun, share info, celebrate each others successes, commiserate the inevitable misses, and feel free to contribute in whatever way you are able!

From the MSO Moderation Team

(Crow, A1, Yamster, rustyedges, Sherlock, and LMG!)

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads

Registered members with 100+ posts do not see Ads