97 ATAR any chance for med?

Discussion in 'Interviews' started by qwerty1234, Dec 14, 2017.

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    Just got my HSC results today and they weren't that great. I'm looking at a 97 ATAR. I got a 96 percentile in the UMAT and I've only had an interview with Adelaide so far. Is there any chance that I'd get an interview elsewhere with that ATAR or if I did well in my interview at Adelaide, is there any chance I'd get in there despite my atar?
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    First off, congratulations!
    If you got an interview offer this mean that you definitely do have a chance of getting in! So please don't lose hope or anything
    You may not think this but 97 is actually quite a high atar and with yout umat+atar combination it IS POSSIBLE for you to receive interviews/offers from more unis
    Also, your atar may surprise you and be higher! ATAR Calculators aren't all that accurate mate :)
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    UWA MD
    There's UNSW Monash UWA Curtin to come and I don't see 97/96% getting an interview there (maybe a small chance with Curtin). On brighter side did you do a LOTE or Maths C equivalent, that would raise you to Rank 99 and 96%ile will get you at least a bonded place at UQ, possibly unbonded even.
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