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A quick note about the reorganisation of the NZ section


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Hi all,

So some of you may have already noticed that on the MSO main menu, the sub-forum options in the NZ section have changed recently, so that the section now looks like this:

The NZ section is currently undergoing a restructuring process led by @Stuart , who will be gradually shifting threads from the 'NZ Entrance Discussion' forum to the appropriate subforums within the Auckland and Otago forums. This represents a shift back towards how the NZ section has been structured in the past, with information separated by school and entry category. The development team feel it this will make relevant information easier for us to organise and for members to find, as at present many useful threads are somewhat 'lost' in the sea of stickied threads in the combined forum.

I'll let @Stuart describe the changes in more detail, since he's the one doing all the heavy lifting, but I just thought now might be a good time to let you all know that threads will be moved around in the coming weeks.

As a final note, member input is always welcome if anybody has any ideas or concerns they'd like to share regarding the restructure. In particular, it'd be helpful to know whether people would like to see the graduate entry forums structured. Given that many people apply to both schools as graduates, might it be helpful to keep graduate entry information from both schools in a common forum?

Any feedback can either be given as a reply on this thread, or by private message to one of the NZ-based moderators (myself and @Ruth ) or our development leader @Stuart .

Cheers :)

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Thank you, @frootloop for the post. I should have made a post like it earlier but I thought I could do everything over one night or two but I was clearly wrong. It turned out it is a lengthy process. I wish I could take a couple of days off to do everything but unfortunately, I am quite busy with all the "real life" things I must do. This only makes me realise how much work is needed to keep the forum going smoothly.

As described in the post above, I have been relocating threads from the old folders into the new, more appropriate folders. So far, I have managed to sort out and subsequently delete the "Otago" and "Auckland" folders that existed in the past. Currently, I am working on the "NZ Graduate Entry" folder. Roughly half of the threads have been relocated but this is taking a lot longer that I anticipated mainly due to the large number of threads (almost 10 pages) that are stored in the folder. Once that folder is finished, I will be moving on the last, the biggest folder we (NZ) have - the "NZ Entrance Discussion" folder.
The existing threads will be/have been allocated to the new folders by relevance. This is done by reading the first and the last page of the thread as well as the title. I may choose to read it all prior to relocating if there are not many posts i.e. <5 or if it is a something I hadn't seen before (which is unlikely). Some old and/or no-longer-relevant threads will be/have been deleted* during the process. I shall note that most of these have been threads with no replies (in the last three to five or so years) or questions which have been asked and answered on numerous occasions on a more recent thread(s). Also, I may change the title of thread if I believe it's not descriptive enough. For example, "Help ME!!!" for a thread about stage-2 paper selections will be given an alternative title and the content creator will be notified of it.
My primary goal is the relocation of the threads. Once this is completed, I will attempt to further organise the contents where necessary. This means I will individually go through the threads. The most likely outcome of this would be compilation threads. For example, paper review/information about GENE221 is spread around the NZ Graduate Entry folder but all the relevant information will be complied into one single post for convenience for any future applicants etc.
If you have any problems locating your thread(s), let me know. If you have any other concerns or problems with the relocation, let me know. Ultimately, I hope to "tidy-up" the NZ section and allow users to find all available, relevant information quickly rather than trying to search through the forums - I have wasted many hours this way in the past.

*The post will not be permanently deleted from the forum. It will be moved to a different location where only the moderators and admins can access.

I would be very keen to receive any feedback regarding the Graduate Category folders. The graduate category related threads are by far the most time consuming ones to deal with. This is due to the fact that many people are talking about both Auckland and Otago simultaneously.

I hope I explained everything. Please, let me know if there is something that does not make sense. I did not have a lot of time to write this... By the way, "development leader" is too much of a word for me! I am just a casual worker.

Thank you.

(This is my 500th post! Does that count as an achievement?!)
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