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Financial literacy is not well covered in many healthcare courses and it can be an often neglected area in our personal lives. To go some way towards addressing this for our users, MSO has partnered with the Dev Raga Personal Finance Podcast to bring you this forum as a discussion point for improving financial literacy and education.

Dev Raga is a Melbourne (Australia) based Doctor who hosts a popular podcast discussing common financial topics including saving, investing, debt reduction, personal insurance and many more topics. His podcast is hosted on his website

This forum will feature written of Dev Raga's Podcasts as threads and will be open for replies for questions and comments. We are fortunate to have devraga visiting this forum from time to time to answer your questions and join in the discussion. Please feel free to start your own threads on other finance topics but please remember to use prefixes to denote threads appropriately (e.g [Question], [Discussion], [Strategies/Routines], [Resources]) to help this forum be more user-friendly. By posting or commenting on this site, you agree to declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest in regarding to any recommended products or stocks. If you have any feedback/questions/comments/suggestions for this forum please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us page to let us know.

Please note that ultimately this forum and the content within it is for general educational purposes. It is not intended to be personalised or specific financial advice. Posts, comments, recommendations, and discussion about, including but not limited to, individual funds, stocks, properties, or products in this site should be considered general information only and does not constitute personalised or specific financial advice. The forum administrators and moderators strongly advice that one performs their own due diligence prior to undertaking any form of investment. We would recommend seeking the advice of appropriately qualified professionals within your own location regarding any specific financial questions or circumstances for yourself, your family members, loved ones, friends, colleagues or even strangers. By being a member or reader of this site, you hereby agree to the above and that any decisions made on your part, whether related or unrelated to content in this forum, is done so at your own risk.
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