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Accommodation help


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Hey everyone, I'm not a Queenslander so I'd like some help with accommodation.
Is the suburb of Parkinson a good place to stay if I'll be studying at St. Lucia and Herston campuses? By car, it can get to St. Lucia in 30 mins (according to google maps), but I don't drive a car. With public transport, it'd take 1.5hrs, which I find is too long. However, Parkinson would be convenient for me for a variety of reasons including rent-free living.
What should I do? Should I find somewhere closer to the campuses?


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Rent free is a great incentive to travel, plus if your commuting you can use that time to study!!! I lived on the gold coast for a year and loved it, but don't know much around Brisbane! Good luck!


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hey [MENTION=16318]superlinna[/MENTION] , as above, rent-free living is a pretty good incentive.

However, I'm born and raised in Brisbane and have never heard of Parkinson...having looked it up, I think that you could get away with living there for a while, but you'd probably get sick of it. Luckily there is a bus that goes directly between UQ St lucia and herston campuses, so that's easy once you're at one or the other to travel between. And I think the buses from that side of town run on a busway which is pretty quick.

So, depends on what you're used to and what you'd be happy to put up with. I've always lived within about 4kms of the city...so for me it's too far. But again, rent-free is pretty hard to pass up.


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thank you for the replies!

when it comes to commuting, i'd rather it not take more than 45mins. usually because delays can cause haywire and make me late for important events/classes etc. thankfully i still have a bit more time to consider my accommodation woes :")