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Accommodation suggestions


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Hey guys,

I'm posting on behalf of a friend who doesn't have an account who has UQ dent as her first preference and she wants some advice on finding a place to stay as she's from interstate. She says that her classes are going to be held at both St Lucia and Herston campuses and hence isn't sure which suburbs/places she should find accommodation at for the most convenience (she doesn't have access to a car). She initially asked me about this but I am like no help to her at all lol

Any general advice/suggestions regarding accommodation? Which campus are the majority of classes held at?
All replies will be appreciated! :)


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For students currently searching for accommodation or housing in a particular area, it would be worthwhile to check out this property rentals app called Snailapp. The app handles self-managed property in Australia and is a super efficient/convenient medium that accommodates for interactions between landlords and tenants.