Advice for Y12 Student - What is Med really like?

Discussion in 'Postgraduate Forum' started by thalia1, Nov 6, 2018.

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    I've been reading a few articles in the media recently about the poor mental health of doctors stemming from things like a culture of bullying, long hours, a struggle to maintain work-life balance, oversupply of med students etc.

    For example:
    I was a young doctor, about to kill myself, when I heard a knock at my door
    Junior doctors deliver fail grades to Sydney hospitals
    Bullying of medical students has consequences — for future doctors and patients - ABC Life

    As a Year 12 student who has just completed all of their HSC exams and is looking towards preparing for med interviews, these articles have kind of thrown me a little. I've been working towards pursuing medicine for a while now and I believe that achieving this is finally within reach, but I'm starting to have doubts as to whether it really is for me.

    I can't help but wonder if I am just signing up for years of hardship which will inevitably take a toll on my health and wellbeing. It's made me second guess myself - do I actually want to do med or has it just been a high goal I've set to make myself work hard this year? I worry that my interest in helping others, applying my knowledge/skills to serve our community is perhaps too idealistic.

    At the same time, I know that there are challenges with every profession and I feel like I will never really know if medicine is for me until I have tried it, but I suppose I just want to see if any of you who are further down the path to becoming a doctor have any advice/thoughts on this? Do you have any regrets or things you wish you had known? What drew you to this profession in the first place? And what keeps you coming back every day, in spite of the struggles?
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    This is true. Whether or not this is "just" what you get out of a career in medicine, is up to you.
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