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After the first part of the Griffith Dent Degree.....


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Nahhh, not after BOH, was just curious coz it sounded like a BOH degree. Would be such a competitive entry BOH programme, if you could register though.


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The first 3 years are nothing like an oral health degree (hence the “in Dental science” name)Many areas such as endodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery and orthodontics are covered in the first 3 years (especially 3rd) and are a lead into more advanced skills in the following 2 years which is now a masters degree!


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Hi there, I can tell you that at least 3-4 people from my class and the years above from Griffith dentistry ended up sitting GAMSAT to do medicine following completion of the bachelor degree after 3 years. Technically this isn't ideal because you used up a dental school seat to end up going into another career that another dental student could have used, but hey no one can stop you doing this, so yes it's possible to finish up with the 3 year program and sit the GAMSAT to do medicine (this could be a good idea if you figure out that dentistry isn't for you by end of third year!)