Announcement Annual Welcome and Important Information


Welcome to 2020 long-standing MSO members and all the newbies that have arrived in time for the current round of admissions. The MSO moderation team wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck with your applications, continued studies, or progress as junior doctors or dentists.

There are a couple of important points we'd also like to mention:

1. 2019 Newbie of the Year, CristinaYang, has put together a fabulous introductory post that provides insider info into the ways to make the best out of your forum browsing experience. See her post here: The welcome guide!

2. As you're moving your way around the different threads, you may see mention of a chat feature. This is a social space for hanging out and having a bit of fun (it's not for srs bsns med/dent entry chat, which is to stay in the threads). Once you've reached 10 meaningful forum posts, you'll have access to this feature and we definitely welcome new faces so come say hi!

3. All the content that you post in the forums, in the chat, and in the whisper function of chat can be seen by staff members and is monitored for content. Please be aware of this when you're sharing information. The chat feature has its own set of rules which can be viewed once you have access, and you can always ask if you're not sure whether something is appropriate. General forum rules can (and should) be viewed here: MSO Rules

4. Content of private messages (accessible after 5 meaningful forum posts, called 'Conversations' and denoted by the envelope icon) is not monitored and can't be accessed by staff. If you receive any private messages that you believe are against forum rules (this could include, but isn't limited to, bullying, requests for inappropriate personal information, or direct solicitation by people trying to sell you things), then please contact a staff member as soon as possible for assistance.

5. You can use the report button to flag forum content that you think is inappropriate or breaches forum rules. All reports are taken seriously by the staff and will be reviewed as soon as possible.

6. If you need to contact a staff member urgently regarding a rules breach or similar concern, this can be done via basically any means of communication available to you including chat message, private message, or forum post (which can be later deleted once the contact has been made). Contacting staff members directly to ask questions that should be posted in the forums (ie. med/dent entry, application, or studying-type questions) is not appropriate in most situations, so please keep this in mind.

Most of all, though, have fun, share info, celebrate each others successes, commiserate the inevitable misses, and feel free to contribute in whatever way you are able!

From the MSO Moderation Team

(Crow, A1, Yamster, rustyedges, Sherlock, and LMG!)


Mid-Year Update!

Congratulations to all those who have completed the UCAT for this year, and best of luck for those of you who will be sitting it in the next week. It's nearly time to move to our next topic... interviews!!

BUT... before we get to that, a Rules Update.

We have had a couple of pretty egregious rules breaches recently that have prompted this message. Users are reminded to take note of the formal Forum Rules, and to particularly note the updated wording regarding trolling, paid preparation services, and advertising (of goods or services). Not reading/being aware of the rules is not a good enough excuse if you break them.

If you are aware of conduct that breaches the forum rules, please inform moderators directly or use the report function. This includes content you receive via private message/conversation.

And now... a couple of useful points to note about interviews:

1. "What are my changes of getting interviews at..." type questions will have a dedicated thread that opens as soon as the UCAT calculator has been released. We attempted to open it early last year (after official stats were released) but there was fairly significant confusion re. how to use the stats to estimate percentile rank, and so we had to close it again. This year, we will just be waiting. Please be patient.

2. A few members of your Masterly Moderation Team (and some tech wizards behind the scenes) put a lot of effort into the MSO Interview Portal last year, a free resource that can help you practice answering panel and MMI type interview questions. Please make the most of it! And be sure to send us any constructive feedback! MSO Interview Portal! Medstudent - Interview Portal

3. Last year, we had great support from a Doctor who has interviewed many medical students. They offered constructive advice on practice interview answers posted to a dedicated thread. We have yet to hear whether that person will be back this year, but there are other members who are usually willing to provide some feedback, so if this is something you'd like to make use of, the link is here: Practice Interview Question Thread

Thank you!!

From the MSO Moderation Team


Well, 2021 is finally upon us. I hope you were all able to make the most of the Pure Crazy that was 2020 and that the new year brings slightly less chaos.

I was going to type out a whole new welcome message, but honestly, the information in the above two posts is still entirely relevant and there is BBL to watch and small white dogs to walk, so I'm just going to point vaguely up 👆 and HIGHLY recommend that regulars remind themselves of the forum rules, and that newbies take a moment to read CristinaYang's sensational intro to the site.

An updated list of current staff members is as follows if you need to contact us for any reason:


Best of luck for the upcoming offer rounds those of you who are in the running for this year. My singular Top Tip: completely disregard UAC statuses, they are meaningless and arbitrary, I promise!!