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Any chances for dent


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Ive gotten a below 50 umat and my atar was 99.55. Is there any chance I can get dent at griffith or anywhere else. I saw that last yrs cut off was .65 but I saw that they replaced it with a new degree for dent at griffith. Do u think this might have an impact on this yrs cutoff? Btw Ive also submitted application for jcu. What is the median atar for jcu dent.


I think the University of Sydney's Double Degree Dentistry has an ATAR cutoff of 99.50, so if you've applied there you should've gotten an email a couple of days ago regarding eligibility for the assessment/interview.

With JCU, it's highly dependent on how strong your application is, and there really is no objective, hard-and-fast method of judging this ourselves, unfortunately.


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They may offer a equivalent bridging course that will meet that prerequisite.
I have to do it through an online bridging course which takes at least 4months which means i have to take a gap year and reapply. By then, the cutoff may have returned to normal which was 99.4 or .6 I think.
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