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    For international students, what ATAR should they be getting for dentistry school? I am doing the International Baccalaureate and an ATAR of 99.95 converts to 45 in IB. That means I basically need to get a perfect score to get into dentistry school? I would really appreciate it if any international students who got in could tell what their scores were?
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    International students pay very high fees (= fewer competing applicants) so their entrance marks are generally lower than for Australian CSP students. MSO doesn't have a lot of data for international admissions but you can use this CSP table as a guide
    > 2017-18 Dent schools Selection Criteria Y12s & Non-standards
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    Google is your friend. For example, for Monash medicine, it is IB 39 which is OP2 or ATAR 98.

    Admissions requirements - International

    I suspect other universities are in the same range, give or take a few points.
    Please see the warning regarding internship .
    Any offer of a place in the medical course is made on the understanding that Monash University in no way guarantees any period of internship in an Australian or Malaysian hospital. As a result, our international students complete their internships in their home country. Internship places are not allocated by Monash University.

    For dentistry, it is slightly lower. Probably in low OP2 or ATAR 97 range. Please google as they are usually outlined somewhere.

    Univ of Adelaide Dentistry:
    Entry to dentistry for international applicants
    What academic score do I need for dentistry?
    • Selection rank (formerly known as ATAR) or equivalent 90
    • University of Adelaide Grade Point Average 5
    • IB 33
    • A-Level 12
    • UEC [Malaysia] 5
    • SAT [US] 1410
    • OSSD OAC [Canadian Pre-U] 85%
    • Eynesbury Foundation Program 412
    • Bradford Foundation Program 83

    Note: I need to add to this post that the above appear to be the minimum requirements i.e. below these marks you won't be considered at all. Beware just meeting these minimum requirements is seldom enough to gain admission due to the competition - A1.
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